Affordable Fun: Quality Toys for 3-Year-Olds on a Budget

It’s a beautiful day, and your child is ready for adventure. They’re about to enter a world of fun, and you want to make it special without spending a fortune. Can it be done? Absolutely!

Join us as we explore a treasure of toys that promise to make your child’s imagination skyrocket, help them grow, and keep your money safe as we will discover fantastic toys for 3 year old boys and girls that are both exciting and budget-friendly. Plus, we’ll introduce you to Toyishland, a premium toy store where you can find great toys that will stay within budget. So, are you ready to uncover the secrets of budget-friendly playtime fun? If your answer is a big yes! Let’s get started.

Toyishland: Affordable Fun for Kids

Before we dive into the exciting world of budget-friendly toys for kids, let’s talk about Toyishland, a fantastic online toy store in Pakistan offering a reliable selection of children’s toys. Their inventory includes a diverse range of battery-operated cars and slides that are ideal for your little ones. Navigating their website is so easy, allowing you to select your preferred toys and have them delivered right to your doorstep. When it comes to online shopping in Pakistan, Toyishland simplifies the process, making it both straightforward and hassle-free. Their mission is simple: to bring smiles to children’s faces without emptying your pockets. With their wide range of affordable toys, they ensure that playtime remains a cherished part of your child’s development.

Now, let’s take a closer look at some awesome and budget-friendly toys for 3 year old boys and girls:

Orange Train – ₨ 4,215

  • Suitable for toddlers, boys & girls
  • Features LED flashing lights and a musical horn
  • Volume control for sound
  • Auto rider (No batteries, gears, or pedals)
  • Uses twist, turn, and wiggle movements to steer
  • Available in multiple color combinations

The Orange Train is a lovely toy with incredible features. It encourages physical activity and energetic play as children twist and turn to steer the train. Plus, the LED lights and musical horn add excitement to the ride.

Medium Slide – ₨ 6,150

  • Provides active play for children
  • Stands at 70 cm Height
  • Equipped with a 2-step ladder for easy climbing
  • Strong and steady design guarantees child safety
  • Available in vibrant colors

This medium Slide is perfect for active playtime. With a sturdy design and a 2-step ladder, it supports children while climbing and sliding down, all while having heaps of fun.

Mini McLren – ₨ 3,550

  • Manual Ride-On Car
  • Low-sitting Ride-on walking car with steering wheel
  • Features music and horn sounds
  • Ideal for toddlers learning to walk
  • Available in multiple colors

The Mini McLren is a combo of fun and learning. This manual ride-on car helps toddlers learn to walk while providing entertainment. Its low-sitting design assures safety during playtime, and the music and horn sounds make it super-entertaining.

Mini Harley – ₨ 6,500

  • 6V Battery Operated Motorcycle
  • Offers both forward and backward riding options
  • Features flashing multi color LED lights
  • Equipped with a musical horn and MP3 player
  • Available in multiple colors

The Mini Harley is no ordinary bike—it’s a cool 6V battery-operated motorcycle. Made with tough plastic and available in different colors, it’s perfect for fulfilling your child’s dreams and choices.

Smart Stroller – ₨ 4,545

  • Ride-On Push Car Stroller
  • Includes safety and support handles
  • Features a footrest and detachable support handles
  • Converts to a Ride-On Car
  • Offers a sporty look with an elegant design
  • Equipped with a musical horn
  • Available in multiple colors

The Smart Stroller is a versatile toy that serves as both a stroller and a ride-on car. It comes with safety handles and a footrest for comfort, making it a perfect choice for your child’s playtime adventures.

Jet Ski Ride – ₨ 3,060

  • Suitable for Toddlers, Boys & Girls
  • Features a musical horn
  • No batteries, gears, or pedals required
  • Operates as an auto rider
  • Uses twist, turn, and wiggle movements to steer
  • Available in multiple color combinations

The Jet Ski Ride is an auto rider that feels like a jet ski adventure for your little one. It’s a great way for them to develop motor skills while having a blast.


Finding quality toys for your 3-year-old doesn’t have to be expensive. With the fantastic and budget-friendly options from Toyishland, you can make playtime both exciting and affordable. These toys are not only fun but also designed to help your child grow and learn while having a great time. Toyishland proves that you can stay within the budget and buy excellent toys for 3 year old boys and girls. So, go ahead and make your child’s playtime exciting and affordable with these fabulous toy options. With Toyishland, quality and affordability go hand in hand, assuring that your child’s smiles are the best reward.

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