Customer Marketing Platform: In 2023, Are You Ready To Embrace Change?

While most marketing specialists wholeheartedly concur with those frequently repeated marketing maxims that does not imply that most top management are unprepared to accept change. Moving from independent marketing teams’ plans and methods to integrated marketing software, a more capable and potent marketing technology, progressively facilitates that transformation. Are you willing to undergo change? 

The Need For Investment In Change And Embracing It

As marketers, we must all fully embrace change since it is the only thing that never changes in the quickly evolving world of digital marketing. As a company, you need to imbibe the digital revolution by having an effective customer engagement strategy and customer marketing platform

We risk losing the one quality that ensures our marketing initiatives continue to achieve their goals: relevancy if we do not continually adapt to that change. 

The key to relevant marketing is to deliver an appropriate message to the right individual at the right time. This entails conversing with customers and potential customers on their terms and through their preferred channels and time frames. Though email marketing is still alive and well, it must successfully cohabit with many other advertising avenues to flourish. Social media, search, content marketing, text messages, and CRM are some channels. 

Of course, you may handle each of these marketing channels separately. Your marketing organization risks losing any true focus and effectiveness if you do this since your many marketing silos constantly compete with one another. When this occurs, marketers frequently undervalue more strategic “mid-funnel” activities like emailing and content marketing in favor of “top of the funnel” marketing methods like paid search or SEO. Keep in mind that you are playing a numbers game if you simply dump leads into the very top of your marketing funnel sans further qualifying those connections. Marketing is more complex and significant than that; it is not a game of statistics. 

Additionally, it’s critical to keep in mind that improving marketing efficiency involves more than just cost savings. Greater efficiency in your marketing techniques will assure you to spend more on top-of-funnel activities, understanding that it will generate more revenue further in the funnel. 

Building A Customer Marketing Platform For A More Strategic Future

Creating a more progressive future for your company will be easier by investing in a customer marketing platform. 

A customer marketing platform helps marketers get together and leave their silos behind to create a more comprehensive strategy. But it goes further than that. It helps to break down those old barriers between your sales department, marketing team, and customer support teams and work toward the same goals when your customer marketing platform is streamlined into integration with your various automation systems.

This investment does not mandate that a customer marketing platform initially cover every department and channel. It’s frequently ideal to begin modestly and expand on your accomplishments. A great place to start is by creating straightforward email marketing drip marketing campaigns based on easily made workflows. It won’t be long until you want to incorporate landing pages, online forms, and sponsored searches into your plan. 

Data Migration For Marketing Platform Automation Made Simple

The capability to manage all of your marketing data in one location is only one of the many factors to take into account when deciding whether to free your marketing department from its historical silos and integrate everything using your customer marketing platform and automation system. Using this method makes it possible to construct a single version of the truth and reduce the risks involved in handling different data sources, such as the potential for sending the incorrect message to the incorrect person at the wrong time. 

The decision to invest in marketing automation is a strong justification for companies who have previously failed to link their marketing channels to get their marketing data in order. 

Transferring data into a central repository will be intriguing and daunting for marketers who have previously juggled data across numerous storage systems. To be honest, it can also be a grueling operation. But don’t be deterred by this. Clean, steady, and correct data has several advantages over its less reliable counterpart, which carries dangers and may result in chaos. 

Big Data Is Everything

You can start doing wonderful things with your data if it is in good shape and is hosted in a central, continuously updated repository. Your data will become considerably more valuable if you consider every consumer contact point a potential opportunity for further engagement. It’s amazing how a small amount of data, like an email address, can develop into a live, breathing object that opens up many possibilities for future engagement. 

Big data isn’t just the domain of those larger marketing businesses in this regard. On the other hand, the customer marketing platform is a great leveler, enabling you to accomplish more with less. 

Do You Have What It Takes to Take Charge of Your Marketing Data? 

It is time to combine your customer marketing platform with your marketing strategy and give your sales and marketing teams the tools and platforms they need to work together to develop the best customer engagement plan and apply it across all departments. 

With a customer marketing platform, your staff will be well-equipped to provide the best customer satisfaction, leading to customer retention, low customer churn, and increased loyalty, leading to increased revenue and growth. 

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