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How to Get Hired in a Tough Job Market

If you are new in the job market or have many years of experience in your industry, the search for a job might be tough. There are a lot of common barriers in your way such as the leaning for firms to hire internally and the status of qualified applicants. So knowing these challenges and taking steps to improve your job search may aid you in boosting your chances of getting the job you desire. Thus, in this article, I am going to explain how tough is the job market and explore 5 methods to solve these challenges.

How to Get Hired in a Hard Job Market

Below are a few reasons why getting hired in a new job may be tough and how you can solve them.

1. Private Job Posting 

Few companies solely utilize the method of private posting to draw smart applicants. Because filling roles over internal applications, employee approvals, and hiring managers. Every so often they use a more selective hiring practice for tough job markets. You need to think about solving this challenge by contacting recruiters in your area of field.  And may as well contact a company you are interested in to request open roles and send your resume to the hiring managers.

2. Status of Qualified Applicants

A single job posting may elicit tons of applicants, mostly if the job is for a big industry. So it may be tough to get hired in that job market. And also tough to compete with qualified applicants. But then you may boost your chances by improving your resume for the applicant tracking system (ATS). You may as well focus on your interest in rising in a firm. Thus companies are more eager to hire you in that job market.

3. Internal Hiring Favorites

Also once companies create a job posting list, they might favor hiring internal employees in that job market.  Since of their knowledge with the company that is why they apply.  However external applicants may boost their chances by underlining the skills which separate from internal employees. If the applicant works for a firm, he thinks about his benefit with applying for internal roles. The company may want to hire this applicant for an extra radical role that fits his interests and career aims.

4. Reluctance to Hire Overqualified Applicants

Whereas professional qualifications may motivate bosses. But then they might introduce challenges to your job search. Firms may favor hiring someone in that job market who has fewer qualifications. Thus they provide less compensation. So, if the applicant has crucial qualifications such as advanced education and many years of expertise. He may think about applying for more advanced roles. Hence this method enables the applicant effort to get a new job which equals his skills and salary prospects.

How to Boost the Chance of Getting Hired in a Tough Job Market?

Below are a few reasons to boost the chance of being hired in a tough job market.

1. Every So Often Update Your Resume

You need to think about keeping informed your resume thus it contains your latest success and certifications. These qualifications are sure to aid companies in their constant growth. And then create a more exciting applicant. Once you are applying for jobs, you may modify your resume to match the job posting’s chosen skills. This method for getting hired in a tough job market is crucial. If the applicant is submitting his resume over an electrical portal. Such as ATS tech screens the applicant document for keywords to make sure he is a great match for the position. Or the applicant may as well hire a professional CV maker Dubai to make sure his CV is up-to-date and then get calls for an interview in a tough job market.

Below are a few ways to cater your resume to ATS tech:

  1. Utilize keywords in your skill section
  2. Utilize an easy layout
  3. Proofread your documents

2. Obtain a Short-Term Job

If the applicant finds it tough to get hired in a full-time job market. He must think about taking a short-term job. Because short-term expertise may aid him in creating his resume. And offer his time to find more jobs which he may find attractive. As well a short-term job may aid him in becoming more attractive to recruiters who favor applicants without work gaps.

3. Pursue Professional Growth

Applicants may boost their chances by searching for their professional growth. They need to think about exploiting the programs in their present place in the job market or joining qualified firms. Professional growth implies finishing training programs, earning licensure, and searching for advanced education. If you have all of these qualifications, then your possible bosses may favor hiring you over applicants who are less qualified than you.

4. Utilize Your Network

The applicant network might be a deciding factor for getting hired in a tough job market. Mostly those that are not visible on public job boards. Below are a few advice that may aid you in growing your network to find more suitable jobs.

  • Ask family and friends
  • Join job fairs
  • Contact someone who is in your firm

5. Stay in Contact

You need to try staying in contact with companies during the process of application. So, if the hiring manager has not replied within the period of 1 or 2 weeks of submitting your job application. Then you need to think about a call or an email to present yourself.  This method shows your interest in the role and proves your passion in a tough job market. And think about planning a time to talk which is suitable for them to value their time and obtain their full attention.


Hence if the applicant gets plenty of interview calls but then obtains some job offers in a tough job market. Applicants need to think about studying the way to follow up with companies. He might assure a recruiter of his interest in the job by sending a thank you email later this interview. Because the thank you email may as well remind the hiring manager of the applicant’s application. And motivate them to contact the applicant with a job offer.

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