How Do I Pick My Seat on American Airlines?

American Airlines seat selection is relatively straightforward. Whether and how much you will pay to choose a seat will depend on your fare and seat type.

On a majority of AA flights, you get complimentary seat selection. However, it depends on your ticket type, flight route, etc. So, if you are traveling on an American Airlines flight, you have the opportunity to choose sets as you prefer.

However, do you want to know more about picking seats on AA flights? Here are important information nuggets regarding selecting seats. From the process of seat selection to getting a seat upgrade, the airline covers you. Know more in the following piece of writing.

How to Select Seats with American Airlines?

When you are flying with American Airline, the airline allows you to pick seats while purchasing your ticket and even after your booking. Moreover, the customer-friendly American Airlines Seat Selection policy makes your selection streamlined.

Now, let’s see how to pick your favorite AA seat.

Through the website

  • Go to the official website of AA.
  • Click on the option of Manage Trips/ Check-in.
  • Enter the required information and record locator in the given fields.
  • From the seat map, pick your seats.

Via AA App

  • Install the American Airlines App on your smart device through Play Store or App Store.
  • Choose Find Trip.
  • Enter the traveler details and mention the record locator.
  • Go through the seat map.
  • Pick your seat.

Please note

  • When you are traveling with a basic economy fare, AA demands you to pay for choosing seats.
  • If your favorite seats are unavailable, check again or change seats at the time of your check in.

Can I Upgrade on American Airlines?

Yes, you can go for an American Airlines Seat Upgrade in a few clicks. For upgrades on flights that are operated or marketed by American Airlines or American Eagle, use your AAdvantage miles. You can get upgrades not only for yourself but also for anyone else.

However keep in mind that you can get an upgrade only to the next cabin. It is valid for a single one-way trip with 3 segments maximum.

What is the American Airlines Seat Selection Fee?

If you are wondering how much does American Airlines charge for a seat selection, know that the price ranges between $0 and $160. You might have to pay more for extra legroom on international flight routes.

The seat selection charges might differ. So, contact the customer service representatives of the airline for an updated seat selection fee.

Wrapping Up

Therefore, delight in a comfortable experience just as you like with AA. When you are traveling on your favorite airline, how about getting seats that you prefer? With AA seat selection, you can not only enjoy seating on your much-preferred seats but also have your travel companion next to you.

Moreover, the seat booking process is simple and quick. Also, get in touch to know more about the seat selection and hacks to avoid paying for your chosen seats with American Airlines.


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