How Many Types of Tuxedo Cats Personality Traits?

These cats are named Tuxedo Cats because of their prominent black-and-white pattern that is very similar to the formal wear of males and there are also some mixed breed cats that possess the same tuxedo pattern. The black-and-white pattern of these cats makes them a very likable breed as there are many people who like to keep tuxedo cats as pets. 

Any cat with a prominent black-and-white pattern on their fur classifies as Tuxedo cars however, the most common and striking example of Tuxedo cats is the cat with a black body having a white chest and paws. There are also some cats with a white patch on their throats which even resemble a bow tie which makes their fur more similar to the formal wear of a man. Now, it is very simple to understand that there are different tuxedo cat types and tuxedo cat personality traits and in this blog. We are giving information about these cats so that anyone who is interested in keeping Tuxedo cats as pets can get to know more about these cats. 

Overview of Tuxedo Cat Breed

Before we tell you about the characteristics and personality traits of the cats, there are some very important points and information that you need to understand and know about this breed. This information is very important to determine whether you want the cat as a pet or not. 

Other Names Tuxie, Jellicle Cat, Piebald, Felix cat
Personality Varies with breed 
Weight Up to 18 pounds depending on the breed
Length Up to 36 inches, nose to tail depending on the breed
Coat Length Short Hair, Long Hair, or C
Coat Colours Black and White 
Coat Patterns Bicolor 
Eye Colour Various Shades of Gold, Green or Blue 
Lifespan Up to 20 years 
Hypoallergenic No (the Sphynx and Devon Rex breeds are less allergic)
Origin Ancient Egypt 

As you have understood with the information that we have given here Tuxedo Cat personality traits depend on the breed of the cat that you have chosen and this is why it is very important to carefully study the personality and characteristics of all the tuxedo cats breeds before choosing one as your pet. 

What are the Different Types of Tuxedo Cats?

The tuxedo pattern is not just specific to one type of cat as there are different breeds of cat with the Tuxedo coat pattern if you are looking for different types of tuxedo cats then, here is the list of Tuxedo cat breeds by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA). 

America Curl Maine Coon 
America Shorthair Munchkin 
British Shorthair Norwegian Forest cat 
Cornish Rex Sphynx 
Devon Rex Persian 
Exotic Shorthair Peterbald 
La Perm Scottish fold 

These are the different types of tuxedo cats and one thing that you need to understand is that these are different types of cat breeds. Tuxedo coat pattern categorized these cats as Tuxedo cats. 

What are the Main Characteristics of a Tuxedo Cat?

Now that you understand the answer to the question is tuxedo cat a breed, You need to understand the characteristics and personality traits of these cats which will help you when you are deciding whether you want to get a Tuxedo cat as a pet or not. 

As we have explained to you Tuxedo pattern is a type of coloration pattern that can appear on a large number of breeds that we have informed you about in the guide already. The name of these cats comes from the pattern on their body that represents the formal wear of the men as nothing is cuter and more dramatic than seeing a Tuxie in a bib and tucker as the cat looks brilliant. 

There are different tuxedo cat patterns on different breeds of cats as some have a white striped nose some have a white part around their chin and a small spec on their nose. Kitler is also an another very famous version which has a white moustache that gives it a very smooth appearance. 


Since these cats are of different breeds, the personality traits of these cats are not similar as the cats are of different breeds. The tuxedo pattern does not ensure that all these cats will have the same personality traits and their personalities are wider than the coloration of their body. The temperament of tuxedo cats and their affection level depends on their genetics and the environment in which they are born and raised which is why it is important to study the breeds before choosing whether you want a cat of a specific breed or not. These cats are easily present in different adoption shelters and pet stores and if you want a tuxedo cat then, you need to choose the breed carefully. 

We hope that you have comprehended all the information that we have stated here regarding Tuxedo cats.

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