How To Grow Your Instagram Story Views Organically

Do you want to get more views for your Instagram Stories in 2023? With over half a billion people viewing Stories every day, it can pay off to focus your marketing efforts on an effective Instagram Stories strategy.

In this blog post, we share the top 07 ways to increase engagement and ultimately get more views for your stories.

1. Stop posting in your stories

Yes, you read that correctly Stop posting in your stories. It’s time to reset Instagram.

You have two options:

1. Take a break from the stories, or

2. Take a few days off (I like this option because it allows you to come back with great success). Instagram wants you to come back and share opinions that make you stay. You can also take a moment to absorb the information in this blog post.

Why is a break good?

I’ve noticed that Instagram improves my stories and gets me more views when I take a big break (more than two days).

They usually do one or both of these things:

Post your stories at the top of the Insta-Story series in people’s home feeds and/or send a notification to your followers to let them know you’ve published your first story in a long time. Of course, people will be curious and look at what you just posted. In this way, you will grow more active followers on Instagram.

Instagram wants you back.

And when you come back on the platform, they want you to gain more views than usual. Then these notifications are sent to some of your subscribers.



So let’s make sure your stories are compelling when you come back. So even a few days after you return, people keep coming back.

2. Increase overall presence

Every Instagram user has a different feed as it is highly personalized and ensures their “favorite” creators are seen first. Recently, Instagram added the Most Viewed in Feed metric to back up these speculations.

User Interactions are considered “Signals”. Instagram ranks content based on these “signals”.

An engaged audience is also likely to increase the reach of your posts and videos. According to a study, posting more content leads to greater reach and number of views.

3. Sign your stories

When recording personal videos, be sure to add subtitles. Many people watch stories at low volume or with the tone muted. Without subtitles, you lose that audience segment. In addition, stories with subtitles make your content more accessible to more people.

Instagram has made adding captions as easy as adding a “caption” sticker to expand your reach.

If you don’t want to sign every word, you can add a summary of your stories at the end. The idea is to provide context to your audience and get your message across to them, even when they’re not actively listening.

4: Share exclusive content in Stories

This might be an old marketing tactic, but sharing exclusive content is a surefire way to get more views, especially if it’s about something useful or interesting to your community.

For brands, an exclusive discount code may be available 24/7. For YouTubers, it can be a personal story, a tutorial, or a perspective you’ve never shared before the brevity of the story is great for generating hype, especially when paired with a channel post caption that encourages viewers to visit your stories to learn more.

5. Frequency of publication

Send once or twice a day. I always say: “Make Instagram your life, not your life.” I believe this is the key to avoiding burnout.

Here are some examples:

  • ·Send a message tomorrow morning and you’ll have enough for today.OR,
  • ·Send in the morning and then in the afternoon or evening.

Both options work.

Make your stories count in the morning

If you post twice a day, you can get more views on Instagram Stories because your stories will be posted twice at the top of your stories (once in the morning and once in the afternoon). That means more engagement. That means more views.

6. Use hashtags

Hashtags boost the reach and visibility of your feed posts, they can perform the same thing for your stories. While feed posts allow the use of 30 hashtags, stories are limited to 10 hashtags per image.

But how do you find the right hashtags?

The concept remains the same as with the bars. Think about your target audience and do some research on popular hashtags. So choose a hashtag mix that includes both popular and less popular hashtags. Don’t forget to add your branded hashtag, for example B. #JustDoIt by Nike.

7. Shoutouts

If your customers regularly share content about your brand or tag you in posts, share their content in your story. You have also an option to share your content with your fellows.

Expressing such greetings leads to a new exchange of your story. While this won’t increase the number of views of each story, it will help you reach new audiences. And if you do it regularly, you’ll reach more people and increase your follower count.

It’s also a great way to encourage your audience to post about you and build social proof for you.

It’s your turn!

I hope you found this blog post helpful. Now it’s your turn to use the breakthrough strategy.

If you want to question about anything, please leave a comment below.

Otherwise, enjoy your break and plan your next Instagram Stories!

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