How To Select An Office Sofa For A Small Space

With most people currently working from home, and many companies considering adopting a hybrid working model after covid, creating a comfortable and functional home office space is likely to top your work list. If you are looking for an office sofa design for a comfortable place to work…Or to take a quick, refreshing afternoon nap, then we’ve told you top tips and several factors to take into account while selecting an office sofa that is practical. A small space.

Consider your room’s size and shape.

First and foremost, before buying any piece of furniture for your home office, you have to think about room size and available space as this will determine what type of sofa you can get. Depending on the size and shape of the room you can choose a corner sofa, a two-seater sofa, a sofa bed or a chair is always a stylish and practical option if the room is not large enough. Start measuring the space where you ideally want to place the sofa and start collecting ideas, Pinterest is a great place to start with sofas of different types and styles.

Creating an Illusion of Space

Many may think that including a sofa in a small office space can make the room seem cluttered. But, choosing the right small sofa can really help make the room look and feel bigger, creating the illusion of space. Lightweight and simple designs like our Model 01 and Model 02 sofas are lifted off the floor by small feet, making it very easy to clean and giving you extra storage space, so none of the available space is wasted.

Focus on Comfort

You will likely be spending several hours at a time in your home office. Therefore, it should be a top priority to ensure that the furniture, especially the sofa, is both durable and comfortable. We believe that velvet sofas or armchairs are always an excellent choice because not only are they fabulously soft and smooth, but they also have less risk of scratches, marks, or pulling because they do not have loose threads or embossed weaves. Learn more about buying a velvet sofa.

Choose the Right Colour and Style

A good home office design will help lighten the mood, reduce stress, and increase productivity. You want to create a space that you enjoy working in, that adapts to the industry you are in and that also reflects your personal style and preferences. For example, if you’re in a creative role, dark colors like yellow or Orange will help those creative juices flow. Or, if you’re in a role that requires a lot of analysis and brainpower, Blue has a great calming effect that will help clear your mind and focus on tasks.

Our suggestion is not to add too much color as this can look messy or cause headaches. Modern, contemporary, sleek sofa designs, like our Model 01 and Model 02 sofas, work perfectly in home offices as they provide clean lines and a professional appearance, but can also be crafted to incorporate your personality into the room.

Flexibility and Functionality for Small Office Spaces

If you are working in a small space, you will want to ensure that the sofa you choose is really flexible and functional to make the most of the room. Here are some great sofa types that offer customizable options and will work wonderfully in small rooms:

Sofa bed

Choosing sofa beds for your home office is a great option as they are comfortable, convenient, and available in a wide range of styles to suit your needs. From pull-out sofas and futons to daybeds and convertible sofas, you will definitely find the appropriate type of sofa bed for your location. Plus, this will also mean that when guests arrive to stay, you can host without any hassle.


A chaise sofa is essentially a sofa with a long seat to support the legs, which provides extreme comfort. Our model 03 chaise sofas are perfect to customize your space because they are completely flexible and have the option to configure them according to your required size and both the right and left sides.

Modular And Sectional

If you can’t find a sofa that will fit perfectly into your specific dimensions, or office furniture try looking for modular and sectional sofas that allow you to combine several modules to create your ideal sofa. Our clever modular sofas are comfortable, versatile, and easy to carry, so you can play and find out where it will best fit in your home office space.

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