NEET Toppers Preparation Strategy: Balancing Books and Breaks

If you want to crack NEET in the first attempt then it is important to follow the guidance of the topper. By following his advice, you can also make yourself capable of cracking NEET.This guide tells you about NEET Toppers Preparation strategy so that you can easily follow the strategy of NEET toppers.

This article has been written only to solve your curiosity. By reading this and following its guide you will be eligible to crack NEET So let’s start this article and know which strategy you can follow to crack NEET.

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Why is NEET so important?

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is very important for those students. Preparing to crack NEET to make a career in the medical field. Because students are not successful in this examination then they will not be eligible to complete their studies and get admission in medical colleges.

Its students will have to wait for one year to attempt this exam again. If the exam was given in 2023, then now you will have to wait for 2024 to give the exam again.

Maintain balance of NCERT Books in your NEET preparation

Your books also play a special role in your preparation. As per NEET toppers Preparation Strategy, focus more on NCERT books. Most of the questions given in the answer sheet of the examination are taken from NCERT books. So if you include these books during preparation, your chances of cracking NEET in the first attempt will increase. Toppers Preparation Strategy Strategy Bar has been adopted.

Be passionate about your goals

Always keep yourself motivated to achieve the goals you have set to crack NEET. Mostly it is seen that students do not set their goals, they are only worried about how to complete their syllabus. I am not saying that you should not complete your course. 

It is very important to complete your syllabus to be successful in the exam. However, if you only work hard and give up smartwork then it is completely wrong so you should set your goal and be excited to achieve it. This is a widely adopted NEET strategy by toppers.

Be consistent in your preparation

To prepare for NEET with highest scorers, you have to be consistent so that you can maintain the preparation you are doing. It is often seen that students are not able to maintain consistency. Due to which their performance declines day by day and due to this students also lose their self-confidence. 

The NEET preparation strategy adopted by toppers is that they should never lose their consistency. So that they can maintain it and continue their preparation to crack NEET.

Prepare Daily Time Table For NEET  

If you have completed your Biology subject in the morning. Don’t repeat it next time. Prepare for your other subjects at some other time and do not concentrate too much on one subject.

It is often seen that during NEET preparation, students focus too much on one subject. Don’t do this and keep an eye on all your subjects.

Be sure to maintain a balance of breaks in your preparation.

If you are studying for the first two hours in the time table, then include a break of half an hour in between.

By adopting these strategies of NEET toppers, you will be able to reduce your study stress. You will be able to concentrate better on your studies. Include a break of at least one and a half hour in your time table.


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