Professional Guide for Bulk Convert EML Files to MSG Format

In this informative article, we will explore the process of bulk converting EML files to MSG format efficiently and quickly. Many individuals worldwide encounter the need to export their EML files into MSG format for various reasons. Whether for professional or personal purposes, you can follow the steps outlined below to effortlessly change the .eml to .msg file format.

How to Convert EML to MSG Using EML to MSG Converter Software?

The most efficient and time-saving method for converting your EML files into MSG format is by utilizing a dedicated EML to MSG conversion tool. If you’re looking for a straightforward and hassle-free conversion process, consider using the DataVare EML to MSG Converter Expert. With this utility, you can avoid the complexities of manual conversion. Simply import your files, preview them, and initiate the conversion process.

You can choose between the free version (with some limitations) or the paid version, which has no limitations.

Simple Procedures for Bulk EML to MSG Conversion

Follow these steps to convert .eml to .msg format with ease:

Download and Install EML Converter Utility:

  • Begin by downloading and installing the EML Converter Utility.
  • Explore and Preview the Data:

Open the software and navigate to the folder containing your EML files.

  • In the preview screen, examine the full set of data.
  • Initiate the Conversion:

Click on the “Export” button to begin the conversion process.

  • Select the “MSG” radio button.
  • Click “Export.”

Why Choose EML to MSG Converter Software?

The EML to MSG converter software offers several exceptional features that set it apart as the best tool for EML to MSG conversion. Some of these features include:

  • Attachment Preservation: The tool ensures that email file attachments, such as images, are converted into MSG format without any alterations or glitches.
  • PDF Conversion: This versatile tool also allows you to convert EML files to PDF format.
  • Date Filtering: Users can specify a date range to selectively convert messages within that period.
  • Outlook Integration: It is capable of importing EML messages into Outlook seamlessly.
  • Compatibility: The software can convert EML files from various email clients, including Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and more.

Convert EML to MSG Format Manually

While manual conversion can be time-consuming, you can still convert EML files to MSG format individually using the following method:

Navigate to the EML File Location:

  • Navigate to the folder where the EML files are kept.

Right-click and Open With:

  • Right-click on the EML file you wish to convert.
  • Select “Open with” and choose “Outlook.”
  • Use the Ribbon Bar:
  • Once Outlook opens the file, go to the ribbon bar.

Select the Move Option:

  • Select “Move” from the menu on the ribbon bar.

Choose the Destination Folder:

  • Specify a particular folder by selecting “Other Folder”
  • Click “OK.”

Save as .msg:

  • Return to the email and click on the “File” option.
  • Choose “Save as.”
  • Save the email in .msg format.

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While this method works for individual files, it becomes impractical when bulk converting EML to MSG. The process involves converting each EML file to a PST file first and then converting the PST file to MSG format. For a substantial number of files, this approach is both time-consuming and cumbersome.

Bulk Convert EML to MSG Format Using a Reliable Software

For a hassle-free bulk conversion of EML files to MSG format, consider using dedicated software. These specialized tools can handle the conversion process efficiently, allowing you to convert multiple EML files to MSG in just a few clicks.

Avoid Free Online Tools

Free online tools can appear alluring, but they frequently include dangers. The security and integrity of your data might be jeopardized by these technologies. It’s critical to keep in mind that nothing is truly free and that the information in your emails is private. You run the risk of losing data and developing security flaws if you use free internet tools.

Writer Final Words,

In conclusion, there are several ways to mass convert EML files to MSG format. Although manual conversion is a possibility, it is time-consuming and unworkable for many files. There are hazards to data security while using free internet tools. The use of specialist software, such as the EML to MSG Converter, is advised and considered the most effective strategy. This program is the best option for converting large amounts of EML to MSG since it has many useful features and an easy-to-use interface. You can speed up the conversion procedure and guarantee the security and integrity of your email data using specialist software.

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