Repair SQL Database Corruption – All in One Guide

Summary: This article discusses the most common problem of users which is to repair SQL database corruption issues. Now, there are a lot of myths going on about the same. But only one automated solution is available when we try to get a reliable solution. The Manual method is also there but it is not ideal due to plenty of hassles in it.

Now, moving forward, we can say that it’s not right to announce any method good or bad straight away. Therefore,  we are going to understand the reasons, automated & manual solution, & their respective benefits & drawbacks. This way we can come to a conclusion that which is a better solution.

Reasons to Repair SQL Database Corruption – Find Out Why?

There can be plenty of reasons for corruption in SQL Server database & users need to be aware of all of them. This is because finding the crux of the matter can help users solve the problem without any issues.

System Shutdown:

  • Improper Shutdown: There are cases when users accidentally end up shutting down their system improperly. This results in corruption issues that users need to address as soon as possible.
  • Power Outages: Users must keep a power backup for their SQL Server. Sudden power outages can also result in corruption in SQL Server objects. Therefore, users must keep an arrangement for that.

SQL Injection:

  • Viruses: Yes, viruses always trouble users. This is not at all a healthy sign for users. This is why there must be a firewall or any other sort of protective layer present for the SQL Server database safeguarding.
  • Malware: Malware attacks are becoming common nowadays. Furthermore, when we dive deep into this, this causes a high level of corruption throughout MDF, LDF, & other files present in the database.
  • Ransomware: Just like malware, ransomware is also becoming more popular. Here, the intention is to get ransom in return for the healthy files. Protection is clearly significant in all three cases.

Change of SQL Server Version:

  • Upgrade: For upgradation of the SQL Server, there can be several issues. The properties of the old server might not match the new one. This causes corruption in the database.
  • Downgrade: Just like the upgrade case, when users downgrade their SQL Server, property issues may arise causing corruption. Therefore, users need to follow the 

Errors & Glitches:

  • Human Error: There are human errors, like accidental deletion, running false commands, not maintaining adequate space in the server, etc. These errors often cause corruption.
  • Technical Errors: Just like humans, machines sometimes make mistakes too. This happens when the software is outdated or the system is under heavy load. Hence, the database objects are more likely to get corrupt under such situations.

Repair SQL Database Corruption Automatically

Easily repair the SQL database without having any sort of issues using the automated tool. This is the only method that can counter users’ hassles without any disturbance. Moreover, when we look further, we can clearly see that this advanced SysTools SQL Recovery Tool is packed with plenty of modern-day features.

Let’s quickly have a look at its features to move further:

  • Repair corrupted database objects like tables, functions, views, triggers, etc.
  • Data files can experience the utmost security by the software from threats.
  • Recover even deleted data from the SQL Database even after corruption.
  • The software is very much capable of providing users with modern filters.
  • The GUI of the advanced software makes the process easy for users.
  • SQL 2022, 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014 till 2000 versions are supported.
  • It supports Windows 11, 10, 8 & below versions and servers as well.

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Step-by-Step Solution to Get Perfect Results Without Hassles

The step-by-step solution here includes only 5 simple steps. However, users need to pay attention & they might need to execute more steps in case they want to get customized results. Let’s move & quickly learn repair SQL database corruption using the automated tool.

Step-1. Launch Tool & Add the MDF file using the Open button.

Step-2. Select the Quick or Advance Scan options that are required.

Step-3. Preview the database objects & then cross-verify all the data in it.

Step-4. Set Destination Location to export data >> Select Objects as well.

Step-5. Hit the Export/Save button to finally complete the repair procedure.

Now, that we are aware of how easy this automated solution is, let’s quickly go through the

Why Not Manual Solutions to Repair SQL Database Corruption Issues?

Moving forward let’s quickly have a look at the manual solution & find out why it’s not the ideal one. Well, the manual method involves the DBCC CHECKDB command & this is why experts avoid it.

This manual command is more complex & users are more likely to get confused here. Here,  first of all, users need to put their database into single-user mode. After that, they can proceed & to run the DBCC command.

Now, there are three modes for the repair process:

  • Repair_Allow_Data_Loss
  • Repair_Rebuild
  • Repair_Fast

Now, let’s have a look at the drawbacks here:

  • Time-Taking Procedure
  • Quite an Inefficient Method
  • Risk of Total Data Loss
  • Complex Commands
  • Demands Technicalities

Apart from all these, there are several other drawbacks as well that users face while repairing their database.

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The Final Say

Finally, we know how to repair SQL database corruption using the automated tool & the manual method. Also, we are well aware of the drawbacks & benefits of these solutions as well. Now, users can make wise decisions without any hassles at all. In a nutshell, as per experts & SQL MVPs, the tool is the best solution so far.

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