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The Story of TheByuti

The name Byuti was inspired by the Japanese pronunciation of the word ‘beauty’ ビューティー. The name is unique and symbolizes beauty in all aspects.

At TheByuti, we believe that:
– Beauty comes from within
– There should be no boundaries in the world of beauty

After commencing its operations in June 2011, TheByuti is committed to delivering only the best to meet every customer’s needs.

Meet Our Founder  

Liz is the Founder and Managing Director of The Byuti. Plying her trade in the beauty industry since 2011, Liz has been passionately seeking for the next innovative aesthetic skincare range that needs no needles, no downtime, no risk, and most importantly, caters to the needs of the market.

– Liz is recognised as the #1 Master Trainer in Malaysia and is well-known for her skills in the aesthetic industry

– She has successfully partnered up with more than 1500 salons and beauty centres. To date, her company – The Byuti is known as one of the largest distributor for aesthetic products

– Quoting Liz: The world has created enough WANT, and I’m here to bring what you actually NEED”.

Our Mission  

To become a Trusted Business Partner in both the Waxing & Beauty industry through our commitment of providing a selective range of unique products and professional consultations.

Why Choose Us?  

Quality Assurance
All our products are hand-picked, ensuring only the best and effective ones are available.

Friendly Support
Our team of passionate and friendly beauty consultants are ever ready to assist.

Our Commitment
We commit to providing a selective range of unique products and professional consultations.


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