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The 6 Common Grammar Mistakes That Writers Should Avoid

Effective communication through writing mainly requires proper grammar and punctuation marks. Grammatical mistakes make your writing more difficult to understand for the audience. It further spoils your reputation and ruins your reach. So, it is best to know and common grammar mistakes that writers should avoid. 

The first useful trick you need to follow is to learn the basic grammar rules. On the other hand, you have to use a free grammar checker online to check and alter the grammatical mistakes quickly. You can follow both tricks and keep your writing in a better way. 

But if you want to know some more about the common grammar mistakes that you should avoid, read this article. 

The 6 Common Grammar Mistakes 

Some grammar mistakes should be avoided in writing an article. If you are unaware and repeat the errors, it spoils your credibility. Here are some common mistakes you need to focus on well to avoid in writing. 

  • Subject-verb agreement 
  • Misuse of commas 
  • Spelling mistakes 
  • Run-on sentences
  • Pronoun agreement 
  • Sentence fragments 

1. Subject-Verb Agreement 

One of the most common mistakes in writing is the lack of subject-verb agreement. Such errors happen when the verb and subject disagree in numbers. So, it is essential to pay more attention to avoid the common mistake. 

Remember to check and add the subject and verb are correct. If you do, it helps to avoid subject-verb agreement errors easily. It is a common error and if you take an effort, it can be avoided without any trouble.

2. Misuse of Commas 

Another general mistake that every writer and individual needs to correct is misusing of commas. You have to use commas to divide things in a list to deliver the message. 

That’s why underusing or overusing commas causes confusion or changes the sentence’s meaning. You can know the ways to use commas and alternatively leverage a grammar checker free to check and place the comma in the right place. Both methods help you avoid common grammar mistakes without any trouble. 

You can also check for other articles and books written to get clarity by using commas. If you choose to follow the tips to use the commas and convey information correctly, your reach will also be increased. 

3. Spelling Mistakes 

Grammar mistakes also include spelling mistakes. It is a common mistake, and if you read it once or twice, you may find and alter the spelling mistakes easily. Proofread to your maximum to check and change the spelling, suppose it is written wrong. Above all, follow the tricks listed here to avoid spelling mistakes. 

  • Watch out for prefix and suffix more.
  • Aware of ‘i.e.’ words.
  • Learn the words. 
  • Check for spelling online.
  • Keep a dictionary with you.

4. Run-On Sentences

Another common grammar mistake you need to avoid is using run-on sentences. It makes your content difficult to read for the readers. Generally, it occurs when two or more separate sentence merges without correct conjunction and punctuation. 

Don’t worry, as this error can be avoided using the correct conjunction and punctuation. However, experts say that you have to know the right place to use punctuation and conjunction. 

You can also select and use a grammar checker like Checkgrammarly to check and know whether you have made such common mistakes within a fraction of a second. Mainly, you have to remember that it is essential to use commas and semi-colons to separate two independent clauses. 

5. Pronoun Agreement 

Pronoun agreement is when the pronoun used in a sentence doesn’t agree with its antecedent. So, that’s why it is vital to use pronouns that agree with the antecedent. You should only remember and use singular antecedent if the pronoun is singular, or else both should be in plural. Following such rules may avoid grammatical errors and keep your content to gain more readability and reach faster. 

6. Sentence Fragments 

A non-complete sentence is actually called a sentence fragment. Especially when a sentence needs a complete verb or independent clause. That’s why it is considered a wrong and incomplete sentence.

You better learn how to form a sentence to improve your reach. Along with that, keep reading and writing more content to enhance your writing style and avoid common mistakes. At the same time, focusing well to avoid such common mistakes will elevate your popularity quickly.

Wrapping It Up 

Hope you now know the common grammar mistakes you have to avoid. Remember the valid point that grammar mistakes damage your writing style and make it hard to read and write. It is the main reason that all writers pay attention to avoid the list mentioned above of common mistakes. 

So, you better learn the basic grammar rules and avoid errors to improve your writing style quickly. If you focus well and put in effort, it helps to increase your reach and fame among readers globally.

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