The Ultimate Office Air Purifier Buying Guide for Singapore

Are you caught in allergies frequently times? Do your employees complain about dusty air in the office? In this case you need to pay serious attention to your office environment and most importantly you have to install an office air purifier. This is a wise move you can make to save your employees and the entire workplace environment from harmful airborne diseases. But do you know how to pick the greatest one? Does it make sense to invest more money in these kinds of products?

We have gathered some key elements in order to point you in the correct way and provide you with the answers to the questions above. You will undoubtedly be able to buy the greatest air purifier for your office if you carefully read through our topic today. So let us begin.

Benefits of Installing an Air Purifier in Your Office

We all go through the benefits of the products that we wish to purchase. Similarly before investing in an air purifier it is good to know about its advantages. So let us move in that direction.

  • It helps to lower the pollutants that are carried by outdoor air.
  • Reduces the risk of asthma.
  • Eradicates harmful chemicals to enter from outside.
  • Improves breathing quality.
  • Fewer dust particles mean the HVAC filtration system will function better.
  • Eliminates harmful asbestos from the air.
  • Enhances cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  • No more unpleasant odor.

Factors to Keep In Mind While Purchasing an Air Purifier for Your Workplace

We need to be cautious while buying any kind of gadgets especially indoor air refiners. The following criteria should be taken into account by those looking to purchase this kind of unit for the workplace.

Must Measure the Size of the Office

First of all before searching for a commercial air purifier model for your office must take the appropriate measurements of the entire office place. This is because it is the basic step of buying an air refiner unit properly. First measure the office floor in square meters or feet. Then to get the total volume multiplies the height. If the height of the ceiling is higher than 8 feet then you must choose a unit that fits perfectly for a larger area. Besides this if there are multiple rooms connected with the large room then separate air purifiers because one unit will not be sufficient enough to purify the air in such conditions. If your office place has rooms that exceed 1000 square feet in height then must choose multiple units.

Check the Noise Level

One of the prime considerations to make while purchasing an office air purifier is checking the noise level of the unit. But how to do that? To achieve this you need to find out an experienced and skilled air refiner manufacturer. They will guide you on how to check the loudness of such machines. At the office it is obvious to look for a less noisy unit so that staff will not feel any kind of disturbances during their work. Therefore must choose the one that sounds less than or close to 50 dB. If it is above 60 dB then it is better to look for another model. It will create noise and create disturbance in your office environment.

Placement of the Air Purifier

Most units should be positioned along a wall in a corner towards the front or at the back of the space. Before making a purchase the position of the air refiner units must be considered. It will always give you the desired result if you measure the room first and then purchase the appropriate equipment. If you choose the stand alone one then the correct placement is crucial for its function. The center of the room is usually where standalone ionizer devices perform at their finest. Besides this always maintain the basic rule that is always place an air refiner unit from desks and other furniture maintaining at least 3 feet gap. If you place them just in front of furniture then it will hamper the proper air circulation.

The Installation Process

If you prefer a simple installation procedure look for anything that fits your demands. Naturally we are not experts that we can install easily such kind of important machine. As we lack access to this it is better to search for a trustworthy electrician who is constantly available. Naturally people like technology that is simple to maintain. Therefore must choose to buy air refiners that are simple to install and maintain. Whether it is purchased for your home or place of business this type of device needs to be properly installed so that it will function seamlessly.

Bottom Line

We are hopeful that today’s discussion will give you a positive insight into buying an air purifier for your office. Periodic upkeep is also required. Ask help from a respected manufacturer if you want competent maintenance for the office air purifier.

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