Tile Patterns in Surat: Popular Designs for Modern Interiors


Tiles are a great choice for all homeowners who are looking to introduce some functional style quotient to their house. There are numerous ways to arrange tiles. There are numerous ways to arrange tiles, both plain and patterned, to create a unique and very personalized aesthetic. This blog will inspire you and help you understand the various tile patterns that are currently popular in Surat. You can always visit a reputed tile dealer or a tile shop to learn more about contemporary and modern tile patterns. 

Understanding the Impact of Tile Patterns

There are a few criteria that set tiles apart and make them aesthetically pleasing, these include:

Colour and Shades



Texture or Finish


The use of tile patterns can provide visual interest to any space that feels uninteresting, commonplace, and unwelcoming. Patterned tiles may draw attention, and you can use patterns to great effect on both your walls and floors. Even a simple monochrome theme can become elevated by using patterned tiles. 

Top Tile Patterns Trending in Surat

Numerous types and styles of patterned tiles exist, which brings forth the question, of which tile patterns are currently in vogue. As far as Surat is concerned, these are some of the most trending and popular tile patterns: 

  1. Herringbone- This pattern is quite similar to the pattern seen on Herring fish. It is a stylish pattern that is both classy and elegant.
  2. The chevron pattern is a timeless design that’s typically used to wooden floor tiles.
  3. Stacking Tile- This pattern uses rectangular tiles. This uses a combination of vertical and horizontal arrangements for rectangular tiles.
  4. Designs that mimic woven baskets are created using the basketweave pattern.
  5. Stretcher Bond in Brick: This design technique simulates the appearance of brickwork.

What are the different types of tile patterns?

Along with the tiles mentioned in the previous section, there are other patterns of tiles that are quite popular. These include:

  1. Terracotta, earthy, or natural stone tiles typically use the French tile technique. In this pattern, different tile sizes and shapes are blended to create an original but repeating pattern that looks great. outside.
  2. Diagonal Pattern: A diamond pattern is another name for the diagonal pattern. The tiles in this square are positioned diagonally, as the name suggests, to create an intriguing result. It is a simple but effective and efficient pattern that creates the illusion of a larger area.
  3. Broken Mosaic Pattern: The broken mosaic pattern is unique as it can be a sustainable option for people who prefer eco-friendly things. In this design, fragments of broken china, glass, tiles, etc. are combined to create interesting patterns. Grout, concrete, or a glue are used to assemble these parts. a really effective way to avoid putting tiles in landfills.

Mixing and Matching Patterns: Tips for a Stylish Outcome

Let us have a closer look at the four most popular patterns in Surat.

Herringbone pattern

As mentioned earlier, the Herringbone pattern mimics the look of the scales of the herringfish. It makes a “V” shape out of rectangular tiles by laying them at a 45 degree angle. To create a distinctive and individual aesthetic, use different tile colors to create this pattern.

Chevron tile pattern

Everything from clothing to home décor has employed conventional patterns like chevrons. It is said to have some similarities to the herringbone pattern due to the use of rectangular tiles stacked at 45-degree angles. It is great for your floors as well as walls. 

Stretcher Bond in Brick

This is one of the most typical tile arrangement designs. It makes use of square tiles set up in a design called “brickwork.” This theme is often utilized with subway tiles and other ‘plank’ style tiles.

Stacking Tile Patterns

This pattern yields a nice, simple yet elegant look. For those looking for an inexpensive option for their floors or walls, it is most suitable for little tiles and comes highly recommended.

What are the benefits of patterned tiles?

Patterned tiles are an easy way to add visual interest to any blank space. Patterns look more appealing than plain floors and walls when combined with various colors and textures. You can always find good pattern tiles in any good tile showroom.  To find the nearest tile showroom just google ‘Tile Shop Near Me’. 


Patterned tiles and different layout patterns are a must-have for homeowners who are looking for a trendy look for their homes. Patterned tiles are easily available in any reputed tile shop in various materials such as ceramic and porcelain. You can find great tiles in shops such as Orientbell Tiles Boutique, Khatodra Wadi, Surat, Gujarat with ease.

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