Tips To Write TOK Essay

What Should Be Your Title?

You must select one of the Prescribed Titles before you can start writing your Essay. Therefore, before writing your decision, give them some useful thought. Sometimes the simplest solution is not best. This is possible because you are only capable to come up with the most obvious approaches and ideas rather than any interesting ones. Therefore, essays with complex questions tend to be more engaging. 

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that answering the specified title should be your top focus. As a result, make sure that each paragraph you write directly pertains to the title question. 

Before Choosing One, Have A Look At Two Or Three Of The Options

After deciding on your Prescribed Title, start writing down some of your initial thoughts. Even though it sounds like a no-brainer, however, this step is most important. Later, you can try to look for proof to back up your initial hypotheses.

Next, Pick Your Two TOKs

Select two AOK i.e. Areas of Knowledge to investigate your prescribed title with now (you can use our in-depth notes and videos for every TOK, Theme, and more). Moreover, there are  certain TOKs (such as “… Discuss with reference to the natural sciences and one other area of knowledge”) are required for specific titles. Therefore, you will obviously just need to select your second TOK when faced with those types of questions.

It is advised that your essay have two body paragraphs (also known as “developments”). There will be a claim and a counterclaim in each body portion, which will each examine a certain body of knowledge. Moreover, take caution when establishing this claim and counterclaim. Typically, one side will merely concur with the question’s assertion, while the other will object. However, TOK Essay Help is available for TOK Zoom tutoring every day if you’d like to discuss your essay choices.) To make your TOK essay immaculate and ideal, you can also use TOK essay writing services UAE.

The Analogy Of The Courtroom

When writing the TOK essay, it can be beneficial to imagine that you are discussing the most fascinating parts of a conversation between two intelligent people.  Therefore, you may also picture it as providing a court with opposing viewpoints on a matter of expertise. However, each party must give proof and make it apparent how the proof connects to the question in order to be effective.

As a professional writer want to see well-reasoned arguments on both sides in your essay. In your conclusion, you will balance the evidence and tell us which side is more correct (or how they are correct), as well as perhaps conditions in which the opposing side might be correct. 

One of the trickiest parts of the essay is making sure your proof genuinely supports your assertions and counterclaims. 

The Format Of The TOK Essay

Our TOK essay structure consists of 4 sections, totaling 6 paragraphs.

Write Your Introduction First

Say one or two fascinating things about the required title question in paragraph one. This immediately demonstrates to us that you are aware of the question’s intent.

Explain one or two of the title’s essential words. Obtain meanings for each of the title’s key terms. Although you are not required to utilize all of them in your essay. However, it can be interesting to learn how other individuals interpret certain words. Therefore, these definitions may occasionally offer you some suggestions for claims, counterclaims, or supporting documentation.

Offer a road map to the reader. Explain to the reader how you intend to investigate the essay question, citing any TOKs that you intend to use as an example. The marker will find it simple to know what to look for as a result.

Write Your First Development After That

You will elaborate on your claim for TOK 1 in paragraph 2.Lay out your case. Therefore, a claim is a topic sentence outlining your position regarding the required title. For instance, you can assert that mathematics can be trusted because it is based solely on logic. It is axiomatic and not based on personal perception.

In Paragraph 3

Counterclaim. Dispute the assertion you made above. However, different mathematical systems can be used to get different conclusions.

Give an illustration to back up your counterclaim. Therefore, in other systems, such as spherical geometry or hyperbolic geometry. Moreover, it is impossible to prove that a triangle’s internal angles are equal to 180 degrees in Euclidian space.

Explain (and investigate) how your counterclaim is supported by your example. Take note of what makes your sample fascinating and what it says about the title.

In paragraph 4, make a claim

How a concrete example that exemplifies the claim.

Explain carefully how the example backs up the assertion. 

Put up your counterclaim in paragraph 5.

Explain how the counterclaim is supported by an example.

Explain carefully how the example backs up the refutation. 

Write a summary of your observations regarding this TOK and the suggested title.

Write Your Conclusion Last

Paragraph 6: Your final statement. What discoveries have you made in relation to the required title question? Spend some time putting your two TOKs’ significant discoveries into perspective. 

Relevance and ramifications. Also, please explain the significance of our knowing this. Explain why and when it’s important that we comprehend these truths.

Extensions and perspectives. If you can, try to approach your conclusion in a different way. Maybe you can see how a different way of answering the issue would have led to conclusions that were significantly different from what you offered in your essay. Or you could explain a problem or a constraint that came to light throughout your research.

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