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Top 10 Mattress Stain Removal Hacks Every Singaporean Should Know

Mattresses have been a comfortable sleeping element since the ages. So get yourself a good mattress that not only supports your spinal system but also is durable and with proper thickness. This becomes an unnecessary part of our good sleep health.

So investing in a good mattress is the only smartest move that is required for back and leg support. But most importantly there comes a fear of removing if any kind of stain comes on the mattress. So in the article, you are going to get all of these details covered. With these basic DIY techniques, you can easily get yourself covered from all kinds of stains. Also you can hire professional of mattress cleaning Singapore for Stain Removal works.

Baking Powder and Vinegar Are Best of Friends

Vinegar and baking powder are always available at your home. But both of these materials should be used separately. If you are facing any kind of strain like pet excreta or something. Then you can just use baking soda 3 to 4 tablespoons and keep it in a bottle. And spray from time to time on the stain. And slightly dab that area with warm water.

Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes after a while you can see the stain will automatically vanish. Now comes the same with the vinegar. Use half of the bottle of vinegar in the spray bottle. Then spray on the strain. And you can see easy magic in front of your eyes. That is removing the stain magically. Then apply any scented essence over the mattress to get a finished and smooth smell.

Get Yourself Back with Lemon and Salt

In a humid environment, you can generally face any sticky surface on the mattress. In this case, using lemon and water will be the best friends for your rescue. Mix the whole lemon with salt and just apply it to the stain just like a scrubber. And then you can see the effectiveness of removal of the stain very easily. But you just need to cover the stain with any plastic so that the scrubber that you made. Out of lemon and salt doesn’t fall out. This is one of the effective methods of getting yourself from the stain. This basic DIY tip will be very useful for removing any kind of Gracy stain.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide

If any kind of accident happens over the mattress. Then you can use a small amount of hydrogen peroxide on any kind of stain. Gently using a clean cloth applies on the stain. You can see a bubble light structure coming over the affected area. Then after a clean cloth, you can remove that easily. If then also few residues of the blood are over the matters. Then if you can use this process at least 2 to 3 times. This helps in absorbing all the stains and makes it Spotless. But you should be very careful while dealing with hydrogen peroxide. This is the strong element that not just fades away the stain. But also remove the colour of the mattress. So if you have dark colour mattress you can easily use this but for once.

Using Simple Dishwashing Soap

If you are facing any kind of oily stain on the mattress then this is your best element. Simply by using a few drops of Dish shop mix with water. And making a paste out of it. Use a clean cloth or your hands to apply the paste on the stain. Then after a few time almost 5 to 10 minutes. You can Vibe this area easily with any kind of damp cloth. But make sure that the clothes should not be very wet. Otherwise, the whole mattress is going to absorb the water. And will make it soggy. So gently remove it with a damp cloth. This can also help in removing any kind of bacterial activity inside the mattress. And if this water or mixture is to be spread from time to time over the mattress. Clean with a vacuum cleaner can help you get bacteria bacteria-free mattress. But you should be very clear with the amount you are using this washing machine tip.

Using Corn Starch

Constant is a daily material that is found in our household each time. To remove any kind of stubborn steam or dust or any kind of air purification. You can apply this on the mattress and exactly wait for an hour. Make a paste out of the mixture and apply this cornstarch water. They let it drive completely for a while and within a few hours you can brush it off or vacuum it. And the end of it you can see a clear mattress with a good environment. This can be used from time to time because it is just starch which is friendly to use. Also you can hire an expert for spring cleaning Singapore.

Use Any Essential Oil

Essential oils are the perfect hack that can be used for removing any kind of stain. As well as getting a good smell out of the mattress. Just by applying a few drops of Essential oil on the mattress, you can easily get a good smell. Oils like tea tree lavender orange essential oils remove all kinds of stains as well as order. And present aromatic mattresses with the production of other growing and germinating insects.


We hope that you have got information about Mattress Stain Removal Hacks in this content. If you are not able to do these cleaning things yourself then you should hire a expert of mattress cleaning in Singapore.

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