Top 7 Most Unique & Cheap Corporate Gifts in Singapore


Are you doing a job in a private company? And want to give your boss something special that represents your personality. Or you have your own company and want to give your employees a gift to show appreciation. Then this article will help you to choose perfect gifts. In corporate life work matters side by side your presentation is also important.

A presentable look always attracts everyone’s attention like a unique corporate gift that shows your love and respect to your client and employees or boss. Here we suggest you 7 most unique gifts in Singapore that are not only pocket-friendly but also unique.

1. Customized Coffee Mugs

Who doesn’t love coffee? Coffee boosts our energy levels. For that when you give your employee and boss or client a coffee mug with positive quotes it enhances their positivity to do more work for the company. They can use this coffee mug at home or the office.

They put that coffee mug on the desk as a decorative item that also spreads positivity regarding the company. You can also use this mug to promote any type of drink like juice or tea. Make sure you customise your mug by using attractive colours, quotes or pictures that show your personality or passion for your company.

2. Branded Pens

In childhood, our teachers used to give us many gifts for our best performance & the pen is one of them. Many people don’t use that pen; they keep that with them forever as a prize. Hope you can understand one simple thing that makes a memorable day.  You can transform a simple pen into a luxury pen by customising it with your company logo or simple quotes.

One pen means one memorable day. Think you give your employee or client one memorable day. Gifting pen shows love, respect and appreciation to do more work or better work day by day.

3. Customize Phone Cases

For protecting phones everyone uses cases or covers. That changes the look of the mobile; this way customized phone cases help to change the mood of your clients and employees or bosses. In the present digital era phones are a very valuable thing for all.

No one wants to damage their phone so they use phone cases. It increases phone durability. According to the latest style or fashion you have to make phone cases by customizing a stylish brand logo with different colourful colours. It is a budget-friendly option and easy to install.

4. Custom Candles

You can gift custom-branded candles to your employees. They can use this unique gift at their office or home. This gift is attractive as well as budget-friendly. Custom candles are beautiful to look at as well as scented according to their texture. You can put your company logo on this gift and give it to your employees and clients. You can create a relaxing and calming atmosphere with custom and scented candles.

Customized Water Bottles

Bottles are an essential thing for everyone. You can give customized water bottles that they can use regularly. Water bottle is common but when you customize them with beautiful things like flowers and animals etc. pictures it transforms into a unique one. If you want pocket-friendly but unique corporate gifts in Singapore then go with a customized water bottle.

Tote bags

You can also give tote bags to someone as a corporate gift. It can be unique as well as budget-friendly. These gifts are also affordable and unique. Again we suggest you choose eco-friendly tote bags that don’t harm nature. Especially for girls, it is a very beautiful gift.


Choosing the right corporate gift is a very difficult part. A personalized notebook is another option for gifting your boss or employees. Notebook is very handy and daily to use so before customising it remember that you must add enough options with a bundle of pages that helps to stay active your employees or clients or boss to focus on their daily work properly.

It is very handy and easy to carry. You can customize your notebook by using different colours of sticky notes and also add a pen. Try choosing eco-friendly notebooks; it shows how much you love nature.


In the above article, you see the best corporate gift idea for an employee or boss. We hope that you get lots of information regarding choosing the best corporate gifts.  A corporate gift is the best and most convenient way to show his regard to the clients. There are lots of corporate gifts in Singapore available in the market but you should always choose Cheap corporate gifts in Singapore. A unique gift always brings joy to the recipient, as they expect a normal gift. Also, a company can promote its brand from corporate.

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