Top Five Rachel Weisz Films To See

Rachel Weisz imbues every role she plays, whether it’s a grim suspense like Runaway Jury or a period drama like Disobedience, with a tremendous amount of vitality. She can be adorable and enchanting or strong and persuading, but she always delivers.

The unique courtroom drama written by Yorgos Lantheimos is both humorous and tense. Weisz portrays a juror member whose concealed motivations will keep you on the edge of your seat.

1. The Mummy

In an era of superhero movies, The Mummy desperately tries to be something different but winds up sacrificing what made it unique. The old black-and-white Universal horror movies were often campy or weird but had a spooky, lyrical flair that’s missing here. Director Alex Kurtzman and his team fail in many directions, attempting to juggle action, horror, and comedy without ever really connecting with any of them.

Cruise and co-star Sofia Boutella (who has a good Queens accent) are often forced to engage in dumb, repetitive banter while the mummy is given only sporadic chances to scare or amuse. The movie also suffers from a lack of imagination. It pelts the viewer with rivers of man-eating scarabs, skeletons in moldy rags, and other effects that are meant to give the audience the heebie-jeebies but just end up feeling like empty-calorie, mediocre creature-feature superficiality.

In Disobedience, Weisz delivers another powerful performance, this time as Deborah Lipstadt, a historian who successfully defended her book about a holocaust-denier in court. The movie, which marks Weisz’s first producing role, is a sobering account of how difficult it can be to live your truth in a restrictive religious environment.

2. The Favourite

When 18th-century Queen Anne (Olivia Colman) becomes ill, her close friend and confidante Lady Sarah Churchill (Rachel Weisz) runs the court. That is, until Abigail Masham (Emma Stone) enters. Though hired to be a scullery maid, Abigail quickly rises in the queen’s favor and threatens Sarah’s status as her favorite. This worthy costume drama from Yorgos Lanthimos is as emotionally engaging as it is laugh-out-loud funny, and a perfect showcase for Weisz’s acting prowess.

This film can be found az movies download may be a bit of a niche pick, but it’s an amazing story that’s worth telling. Weisz stars as Esti and Ronit, two lovers who defy religion and society to be together. It’s a powerful film that proves Weisz can play just as well in a period piece as she can in a thriller.

It’s been a while since Rachel Weisz last appeared on the big screen, but her performances in this small-scale movie are worth revisiting. Despite its small scale, Disobedience is an emotionally powerful movie that examines faith and love in the modern age.

3. Black Widow

Another must-see movie for fans of the actress is Disobedience, a drama that examines queer identity within a religious community. Weisz teamed up with Yorgos Lanthimos for the first time, and it was clearly a good match.

Runaway Jury is also worth checking out, as it offers a tense courtroom drama that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Then, there is Denial, in which Weisz depicts Deborah Lipstadt, the writer who was sued by Holocaust denier David Irving. She carries the film with dignity and earnestness.

4. The Light Between the Oceans

Based on the novel by M.L. Stedman, this film follows the story of Tom and Isabel after a boat washes ashore with a baby on board. Although it seems that the two will raise the child as their own, they discover the biological mother is alive, and they’re faced with a difficult choice that could impact both of their lives. Derek Cianfrance uses the same technique he used in The Place Beyond the Pines to great effect, but he stacks the deck here to a point where it becomes frustrating.

5. The Brothers Bloom

This movie is funny and charming, and Weisz delivers a great performance. It isn’t her most powerful, but it certainly stands out from her recent films. Disobedience is another example of a drama that features a powerful performance from Weisz, playing a woman struggling to find herself in a very orthodox religious community.


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