What are the specifications of lithium ep 00 grease ?

Lithium EP 00 and Lithium EP 2 grease are two popular lithium-based greases used across various industrial applications. Both products belong to the larger category of lithium-based lubricating greases known for their versatility and superior performance qualities. We’ll discuss Lithium EP 00 grease specifically before comparing its specifications to grease Lithium EP 2.

Lithium EP 00 Grease:

00 grease is a lithium-based grease specially formulated to have an NLGI (National Lubricating Grease Institute) consistency rating of 0. This means it possesses semi-fluid to fluid-like characteristics, making it suitable for applications where fluidity is required.

Here are the primary specifications and characteristics of Lithium EP 00 grease:

Lithium EP 00 grease is thickened using lithium soap, an increasingly popular thickener for many greases. Lithium soap offers excellent mechanical stability and resistance to water washout.

It typically uses mineral oil as its base oil, and this choice will have an impactful impact on its performance characteristics, such as temperature range and load-carrying capacity.

As previously discussed, Lithium EP 00 grease holds an NLGI grade of 00 to indicate its semi-fluid consistency.

Additives for Extreme Pressures (EP):

Lithium EP 00 grease contains EP additives to increase its load-carrying capacity, making it suitable for applications where high pressures or shock loads exist.

Water Resistance:

Lithium EP 00 grease typically offers excellent resistance to water washout, making it suitable for applications involving moisture or moisture-laden environments.

Temperature Range:

The operating temperature range for Lithium EP 00 grease may differ depending on its formulation; however, in general it can withstand a wide variety of temperatures.

Lithium EP 00 grease is frequently utilized in central lubrication systems, gearboxes and other applications where semi-fluid greases are necessary. Its low temperature pumpability makes it especially suitable in these circumstances.

Now that we’ve discussed the specifications of Lithium EP 00 grease, let’s quickly explore Lithium EP 2 grease as a comparison.

Lithium EP 2 Grease:

Lithium EP 2 grease is another lithium-based grease with an higher NLGI grade than Lithium EP 00 grease. Specifically, its grade 2 indicates thicker and more solid consistency. Here are some specifications of this lithium grease:


Like its counterpart Lithium EP 00 grease, Lithium EP 2 grease is also thickened using lithium soap as a thickening agent.

Lithium EP 2 grease uses mineral oil as its base oil, similar to Lithium EP 00 grease. It has an NLGI Grade of 2, signifying it has a thicker, semi-solid consistency than Lithium EP 00 grease.

Extreme Pressure (EP) Additives:

Lithium EP 2 grease contains EP additives to provide increased load-carrying capacity.

Water Resistance:

This grease offers excellent water washout resistance. Yet its thicker consistency may make it less suitable for some applications exposed to moisture.

Temperature Range:

Due to its thicker consistency, grease lithium EP 2 offers a wider operating temperature range compared to lithium EP 00 grease.


Lithium EP 2 grease is often utilized in applications that call for more solid or semi-solid lubricants, including bearings, chassis and general-purpose applications. Its versatility means it’s perfect for numerous industrial equipment such as bearings and chassis lubrication needs.

Comparison between Lithium EP 00 and EP 2 Grease:

Now that we have an excellent understanding of both lithium EP 00 and lithium EP 2 greases. Let’s compare them using various criteria.


Lithium EP 00 grease has a much thinner, semi-fluid consistency (NLGI grade 00). In comparison with its thicker, semi-solid consistency in Lithium EP 2 grease (NLGI grade 2).


Lithium EP 00 grease is ideal for applications where fluidity of grease is key. Such as centralised lubrication systems and lower-temperature environments. In contrast, Lithium EP 2 grease offers greater thickness for general-purpose lubrication needs in higher temperature environments and general purpose lubrication duties.

Load-Carrying Capacity:

Both greases contain EP additives to increase their load-carrying capacity; however, Lithium EP 2 grease may be better suited for applications involving higher loads due to its thicker consistency.

Temperature Range:

Lithium EP 2 grease typically offers an increased operating temperature range due to its thicker consistency, making it suitable for a wider array of climate conditions.

Water Resistance:

Both greases offer excellent water washout resistance; however, your selection will depend on how exposed they will be to moisture during their application process.

Lithium EP 00 and Lithium EP 2 greases are both valuable lubricating greases with their own set of characteristics and applications. Each depending on your equipment’s specifications and environmental conditions where they will operate. Which option best meets your needs depends entirely upon you!


When selecting the appropriate grease for your application. It is crucial to take several factors into account. Such as consistency, load-carrying capacity, temperature range and water resistance into account. Furthermore, always referring to manufacturer recommendations or consulting lubrication experts. Who can ensure you select a product suitable for your individual needs.
Lithium EP 00 grease’s specifications and characteristics make it a good fit for applications requiring semi-fluid grease with good water resistance, extreme pressure capabilities, and good water resistance. Meanwhile, Lithium EP 2 grease provides thicker semi-solid protection that can handle higher loads in various temperatures ranges. Recognizing these differences between them will enable you to make informed decisions when selecting the ideal lubricant for your equipment or machinery.

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