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What is the Difference between Concrete Painting and Epoxy Coating?

Difference between Concrete Painting and Epoxy Coating

Concrete floors are stout and strong and with proper care can last for decades. It Concrete floors however may look and perform bad if it is not smoothened by a coating. Concrete Painting is usually rough on the surface and it will have many blemishes on its surface consisting of smudges, cracks, and blemishes.

Invention of epoxy paints has significantly improved the appearance and surface smoothness of concrete floors. Epoxy is a chemical compound made of 2-components namely resin and hardener. Both these components are mixed immediately before you start concrete painting. When the two components are amalgamated a chemical reaction known as exothermic curing process takes place.  

Types of epoxy paints

If you are essentially looking to paint concrete floors like basement, garage, patio you will find many paint products available in the market. Epoxy floor paint is different from them as it offers a smooth and shiny surface to your garage floor while increasing the aesthetics and improving performance. Epoxy-painted concrete floors last longer than other paints and provide a durable and dust free flooring environment in your garage.

Epoxy paints come in two varieties and they are solvent based and water based. Water based epoxy paint is less expensive and will cost you from $30 to $50 per gallon. The solvent based epoxy paint will cost you $45 per gallon. However solid epoxy is much more expensive and you will have to dish out to the tune of $150 per gallon in the market.

There is a distinct difference between epoxy painting and epoxy coating and you should first differentiate them in character and in deployment before applying. If you are looking to coat garage concrete floors you will be overwhelmed by a huge number of painting and coating products available in the market. It may be confusing with so many names and brands. How to decide what type of painting or coating you want for your floors? The following information will help you differentiate between two products and also identify the one from the huge array of coating and painting products available.

Epoxy Paint vs. Epoxy Coating

Epoxy paint figures somewhere between epoxy coating and normal painting. If you want your garage floor to provide more strength, and the highest level of longevity the epoxy coating should possess one hundred percent solid epoxy. Epoxy paint can be a costly affair and epoxy paint when compared with epoxy coating is not as durable. Epoxy paint compared with epoxy coating is not as durable. However it has enough to provide solid protection in many applications.

Epoxy Paint vs Normal Paint

Normal paint is vulnerable to peeling when it is applied on the concrete substrate. Epoxy is mixed with acrylic paint and thus makes the paint thicker and more suited to concrete it will adhere to concrete and bond nicely. Epoxy paint has epoxy mixed into acrylic paint to make it thicker and more able to bond and adhere to the concrete.

For concrete floors epoxy paint is a cost effective selection for different industrial atmospheres. Epoxy paint is certainly more durable than the regular paint owing to the mixture of epoxy to paint. With the mixture paint becomes tougher, durable, and corrosion resistant and easy to maintain. Epoxy paint is a highly popular product for various applications.

Epoxy coating

If you compare epoxy paint with epoxy coating the latter will be considerably more superior to epoxy paint. Problem with epoxy coating is that it is absolutely non-porous and challenging to apply. It is a total epoxy substance and will cost more than epoxy paint.

Understand epoxy coating well before opting for concrete leveling. Concrete is rough and coarse and by applying the epoxy paint or coating will yield a uniform and smooth surface. High class concrete leveling can be achieved by epoxy coating. 

Epoxy coating will guarantee reliability, strength and long life. This coating is absolutely non-porous and it becomes a rigid plastic slab which is unbreakable. Unless you have a go at it with a sledge hammer.

Epoxy application is widely sought after by commercial segments such as warehouses. Shopping complexes, retail spaces, automobile service centers, restaurants and more such spaces. 

In the residential front epoxy painting and coating are applied in garages, basements, stairs, foyers etc. If you are looking for an experienced epoxy coating service you can trust YY Applications. Ca for the job and you can get in touch with them on phone number to get a free quote.

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