What Prevents Live Chat Support to Satisfy Your Customers?

Live chat support is essential in today’s customer support landscape. It has the capacity to significantly elevate customer experience, making it a crucial service for customer support, and businesses focusing on improving customer experience management must seriously consider live chat support outsourcing and investments. The new generation of tech-savvy customers who are always active on their smartphones find chatting with a live agent more convenient than attending their calls. Transferring a consumer asking to resolve a complex issue or query from chatbots to a live chat desk is easier, and live chat support outsourcing involves fewer technological intricacies and infrastructure requirements.

Top BPM solutions must include live chat support outsourcing in their offering, and an inbound call center or contact center operation must also include live chat for their customers. However, asking about chat support to your customers will get you mixed responses. Some may be eclectic, whereas others may not feel good about it. Many people might still prefer phone calls and a human voice on the other end, but live chat support is not very behind. Moreover, it offers too many advantages to ignore. So, chat support outsourcing is increasingly adopted by businesses around the world. If you want excellent chat support for customers, you need to listen to your customers.

What are they telling about your live chat services? 

Is it good or not satisfactory at all? 

Before improving the health of your live chat support outsourcing, understand what makes it fail to reach the mark.

What are the reasons live chat support fails to satisfy customers?

According to a survey, 63% of millennials prefer live chat for answering basic questions, and another study has shown that the satisfaction rate of live chat in the tech industry exceeds 87%. Therefore, chat support outsourcing to an experienced vendor is an excellent choice for businesses. However, it can severely damage customer experience and service quality in your contact centers when it goes wrong. Here is what customers typically complain about when they are not happy with your live chat support:

Slower Responses from Agents

Any channel of customer support-customer wants a swift response and resolution. Live chat support is no exception. Once your customers type their issue or query, the agent must be quick to respond. Moreover, they want their problems to be resolved quickly rather than sitting and waiting for an answer. In a live chat, where customers cannot hear anything from the advisor, waiting can frustrate customers more and have a negative impact on the customer experience. It will make them turn away from this channel. So, top BPM solutions must ensure that live chat agents and technologies are ready to offer faster customer support.

Agents do Not Have Accurate Information

Efficient live chat support operations need trained agents with updated information. Inaccurate or outdated information can really irate customers. It also leads to failing to resolve an issue that customers may have been facing at that time. Searching for the correct information can delay agents trying to resolve that issue in an outbound or inbound call center. All results in poor customer experience and dissatisfaction with your services and brand. Therefore, only adequately trained agents by an experienced outsourcing partner can provide the correct answers to the customers. 

Lack of Investment and Effort in Live Chat Support Improvements

Live chat support agents need training and upgraded tools to assist them. Moreover, chat support through multiple channels and seamless transformation to one channel over another also demand smooth integration and the right technologies. Both these technologies and process information are constantly changing in contact center operations. So, to keep pace, you need top BPM solutions for live chat support outsourcing that possess the adequate infrastructure and support to run efficient live chat support for your business. 


 Live chat support outsourcing from top BPM solutions ensures that your support experience remains top-notch and constantly offers customers the best quality of services. This customer service channel is increasingly getting popular and retains extreme importance in CX deliveries, especially to millennials and next-gen tech-savvy customers. Moreover, it is much less expensive than phone conversations through traditional inbound call centers. Therefore, navigating through these barriers and challenges with effective strategies and tools can bring your business outstanding outcomes in terms of customer experience.

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