Which Planet Is Responsible for Career in Astrology

It could be challenging to describe a career in a single word, but let’s state that it is ‘significant’ in today’s world. It might surprise individuals to learn that astrology can provide solutions to career-related questions. Anyone can advance professionally by realizing the astrological relationship to their career.

Moving on to the topic, which planet in astrology is thought to be the cause of a job or career? Any ideas for the solution? Saturn is, after all, the planet. We may state that this planet, also known as Karma Karaka or Jeevana Karaka, is one of the most important ones for a career. Let us know about Saturn.


Saturn is seen as a bad planet, however, it may also be helpful in a chart when it is in a favorable position. Its placement in certain Houses of the Kundli may also suggest its favorable positioning and strength, which can help the natives in various ways, including in connection to their job possibilities. Ask experienced astrologers for a promising job if the relationship with Saturn isn’t going well in the Kundli.

When someone asks about which planet governs careers, Or which Graha is in charge of the job? ‘Saturn’ is a word you can use. But hold on, there is significance for careers on other planets as well. Considering the fact that Saturn is seen as a service component. The horoscope’s 10th house depicts actions, whereas the 6th house highlights service above all else. Let’s learn some remedies to impress Saturn for a better career. For more remedies, consult an astrologer, and one can also free talk to astrologer on phone.

Strategies for Obtaining Saturn’s Favor

Have you heard a story about two individuals who share the same qualities and abilities but only one receives a promotion on time? Or, let’s assume the other individual puts in too much effort to get a higher position but is unable to advance. If Saturn is unfavorable, it can happen. No need for concern! Which planet, as you already know, is to blame for your career?

To decrease Saturn’s destructive effects, one can also use the right gemstones and Yantras. Apply these cures, though, only after speaking with a qualified astrologer. Taking help from astrology does not mean that an individual should stop working hard. They should give their careers their all and let astrology take care of the rest. Want to learn more about the best planet for a career? The outcome must then be analyzed in light of the 10th house’s lord’s relationships with other planets and houses in the Kundli of the individual.

Other Planets Effects On Career

Effect of the Sun on Career

In astrology, the Sun is a fatherly figure. A high position in an area or a career in politics is suited for individuals whose horoscope features a strong Sun.

Effect of the Moon on Career

A powerful Moon symbolizes emotional-related professions and other human-helping professions like nursing, psychology, and medicine. A powerful Moon can also be a sign for a professional in public relations or management in hotels and restaurants.

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Effect of the Rahu on Career

Rahu, although the strangest planet, is the most materialistic planet in astrology. It is the Moon’s south node.

As this planet’s energy can change or do something different—not necessarily negatively—it may cause rapid changes in an individual’s profession.

Effect of the Ketu on Career

In astrology, Ketu represents spirituality and separation. As a result, it has something to do with mysterious occupations, religious leaders like priests or pandits, translators, etc.


The Primary Nine Planets can be broken down into four basic groups: benefic, mild, malefic, and cruel. Vedic astrology classifies the main nine planets into four categories: benefic planets (Venus and Jupiter), mild and soft planets ( Mercury and Moon), malefic planets (Rahu, Saturn, and Ketu), and harsh planets (Mars and Sun). To know more about the effects of planets in life, one should contact an experienced astrologer.

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