Why Do Students Make English Assignment Writing Mistakes?

Most universities and colleges across the world follow English as a main language to teach students. Writing English assignments is necessary for students whether they are studying at school or college. Writing an English assignment without committing mistakes might be challenging for students. When writing assignments, there can be several reasons for making mistakes in tasks. Making too many mistakes in the assignment can affect the quality of the assignment and impact overall performance. Students are expected to submit well-written and flawless papers for the assigned project within the scheduled time. Being unable to compose an error-free solution, students can take support from Assignment Helper Malaysia services. Getting overwhelmed with assignment writing when you take guidance from professional experts, they can help you to compose excellent quality work without making errors.

In this post, we will present a list of common mistakes and the reasons why students commit them in assignment writing.

Common English Assignment Writing Mistakes

When writing an English assignment, having the proper understanding of these mistakes will help you avoid them in your write-up. Let’s take a quick look at some common mistakes. 

  1. Don’t Understand the Assignments Properly

This is one of the most common mistakes that students commit while writing the assignment. Students often start the assignment without understanding this properly. This can be due to a variety of reasons such as not reading the instructions properly, lack of knowledge of the topic, and many more. Our assignment helper experts are dedicated to assisting students with complex assignment topics.  

  • Using Improper Structure

The academic assignment must be written in a proper structure that can demonstrate your ideas in a logical way. Most students often use improper structure in assignments that may confuse the readers. Students should get a proper understanding of assignment structure before writing an assignment. Reading instructions carefully will help them to avoid this mistake.   

Insufficient Writing

Another common mistake students commit in assignments is writing beyond the limit. Every assignment is given for writing within a particular word limit. Most students use unnecessary information just to complete the word count. On the other hand, some students skip the important detail in the assignment. It creates confusion for readers to understand the assignment. 

  • Spelling Mistakes

It is a very common mistake done by students in writing English assignments. There are many difficult words that exist in the English language, it is not easy for students to store every single word in their memory. To avoid this mistake, students should learn and revise new words regularly and use them carefully while writing.

  • Grammatical Mistakes

Grammar is the base of the English language. Most students do not have a good grasp of grammar concepts If you are uncertain about using grammar concepts in sentence structuring, you may commit making mistakes in writing English assignments.

Punctuation Mistakes

Punctuation is another important element to consider while writing assignments. Making punctuation mistakes in writing can confuse the readers to understand the assignment properly. Check your paper after completing the writing to avoid this mistake.     

  • Improper Structuring of Sentences

Most students often fail to write assignments with proper structuring of sentences. Improper structuring of sentences can ruin the quality of the entire paper. Lack of practice in writing is the main reason for making this mistake. Students should learn the writing technique by writing regularly to avowing this mistake.  

Using Improper Words

In the English language, there are different types of words their synonyms, homonym, and homophones available which leads to confusion while using them in writing. Using improper words in assignments can change the sense of information. Avoid using this mistake and write carefully.  

  • Repetition of Ideas

Using the same ideas, words, and phrases again and again throughout the English assignment can make your paper dull. It can create a poor impression on readers and affect the quality of the paper.   

  1. Insufficient Editing

Most students often ignore the importance of proofreading and editing in assignments. After completing the writing part, editing helps to remove any flaws in the assignment and make it error-free. You can take a Malaysia assignment helper from experts to proofread and edit the assignment. 


These are some errors that students should avoid while writing English assignments. Knowing these mistakes and taking professional assistance will help them to compose error-free assignments and score good marks. 

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