Why is React Native the Future of Mobile App Development?

Why is React Native the Future of Mobile App Development: Insights from a React Native Development Company

The dominance of mobile devices is growing, and they are becoming more powerful day by day. Thanks to React Native, JavaScript developers stepped into mobile development and changed mobile app development rapidly. 

React Native was developed in 2013 by Meta as a mobile development framework and made open source in 2015. As per Statisa’s report of “Cross-platform mobile frameworks used by software developers worldwide from 2019 to 2022”, it is the second most popular mobile app development framework in 2022, though its popularity has taken a hit with the rise of Google-backed Flutter. 

What is React Native?

React Native is a cross-platform mobile application development library developed by Meta that enables developers to create native-like applications using JavaScript. It incorporates React at its core for rapid and efficient development. It powers some of the world’s most popular applications, including Facebook, Instagram, Wix, Pinterest, and more.

The Rise of Mobile Development

Smartphones are now more powerful than ever, and it is not exaggerated to say that someday, they will take over computer devices for major tasks traditionally reserved for desktops.

Their convenience and portability have made them an integral part of our lives. From everyday activities like shopping and communication to professional endeavors, these pocket-sized powerhouses have truly taken center stage. 

The mobile app development market is expanding rapidly, and businesses of all sizes strive to get their business online by developing mobile applications along with websites. 

React Native is a popular platform for developing mobile and web applications using a single language. Taking this fact into consideration, we can easily speculate that React Native will remain the go-to option for many years to come.

React Native: The Go-To Framework for Building High-Quality Mobile Apps

React Native is among the top choices when it comes to mobile app development. It has every essential feature that aids in developing a high-performing application. Also, it includes a wealth of libraries for rapid application development.  In terms of performance, it helps you achieve near-native performance if optimized properly. 

On the other hand, with one codebase, developers can target both Android and iOS platforms. Furthermore, with a cross-platform approach, you can achieve your goals on a tighter budget.

React Native will Remain a Popular Framework

In terms of popularity, it is one of the most popular frameworks today. Plus, it is backed by Meta (formerly FaceBook) and a massive community of developers.

Though the tech space is always unpredictable, there is no technology that will always remain supreme. With time, like other things, the tech space also changes, and so do the rise and fall of technologies. However, in the case of React Native, it will remain a major and popular choice among developers for cross-platform development.

The massive community backing it makes it a time-tested framework that will continue to grow as mobile app development increases. You can think of technology as a vehicle and the community backing it as an engine. The more vibrant and growing the community, the more they drive the technology forward. 

The growth and development of React Native are the result of a strong community that makes it up-to-date. Without a doubt, a vibrant and committed community is the driving force behind a framework’s journey towards excellence.

React Native is a popular mobile app development framework with a large and active community. The React Native GitHub repository has over 111,000 stars, and the React Native subreddit has over 108,000 members. This means that there are many developers who are using and contributing to React Native, and there are many resources available to help developers get started with React Native.

Another factor to consider is that React Native is backed by Meta, which is not only a leader in this segment but has also amazed the world with its innovations. Meta leveraged React to reshape their own platform. Since then, React Native has continued to grow and become more popular and powerful with the addition of new features and community support.

React Native is Versatile

Versatility is one of the key essences of any technology that makes it survive and grow in an ever-changing world or a digital world. Versatility refers to the contribution to different kinds of application development, which is essential. React Native is one of the versatile frameworks that is used for a range of applications, from simple utilities to complex.

Ease of Learning

React Native is constructed on the foundation of React.js JavaScript libraries, allowing React Native development companies to create complete applications using JavaScript. JavaScript is known for its ease of learning, making it possible for developers with a background in web development also to target mobile platforms. This ease of learning is a key advantage.

For developers who come from a web development background and have already mastered React, this is an advantage. React Native harnesses the power of React, a robust and widely used JavaScript library that streamlines development efforts.

Cost Effective

It operates on the principle of ‘write once, use everywhere,’ which essentially means you only need one codebase to target popular platforms. Maintaining separate codebases for two different platforms can be financially burdensome. It’s as straightforward as this: not only would you have to employ or outsource two separate teams to manage the same app concurrently, but you’d also be reliant on both teams for any updates.

React addresses this issue by enabling you to target both web and mobile platforms using a single programming language. This not only reduces costs but also facilitates easier maintenance.

In essence, React offers cross-platform development capabilities. As platforms become increasingly complex, cross-platform apps are gaining prominence over native development due to their cost-effectiveness and ease of maintenance.


In this article, we’ve focused our attention on the future of React Native. This framework boasts impressive capabilities, positioning it as one of today’s most popular frameworks. With its extensive community support, React Native is continually growing and evolving to stay competitive with emerging technologies.

If you’re seeking a cost-effective solution for application development, React Native is a compelling choice. If you’re ready to embark on your application development journey and would like to explore the world of mobile development with React Native, feel free to consult with us today to kickstart your project.
Why wait? Hire a React Native developer today to meet your unique requirements, whether for hourly or project-based work. We’re just one click away.

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