5 Scenic Natural Treasure Troves of Dundee, UK

Dundee is a compact, cosy, and vibrant city in Scotland, UK. The geographical name has a Celtic origin. Supposedly it is derived from 2 words – “dun” stands for “port” and “de” denotes “fire”. Dundee has the nickname “The City of Jute, Jam and Journalism”. Why did it receive such a ‘label’? It is explained easily:

  • Jute. Production of jute used to be a significant part of the city’s income. For that reason, Dundee was also called Juteopolis.
  • Jam. A Dundee woman fine-tuned the original recipe of orange marmalade at the end of the 1700s. She didn’t throw the orange peels into the bucket but added them to the marmalade. This slight “updating” made Dundee well-known as a city of orange jam.
  • Journalism. Dundee has become a home for publishers and media companies recognisable far beyond the UK, such as DC Thompson known for publishing the Dundee Courier, the Sunday Post, Evening Telegraph.

Dundee offers a great variety of activities and sights to see. Tourists are welcome to the art centres, theatres, Mediaeval castles, ancient ships, coffee shops, cool bars. Get useful tips from the local experts on places to eat, accommodation offers, travel routes to and around Dundee, walking tour ideas, free attractions by visiting this site.

5 Best Natural Wonders of Dundee

Not only striking ‘vintage’ architecture and ancient remnants of Celtic civilisation attract tourists to this picturesque Scottish city. The natural wonders that surround its suburbs make a striking impression on a visitor.

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Dundee Law

The first place to go for a wander is Dundee Law. It is a natural hill of volcanic origin right in the middle of the city. The height of 572 feet above sea level provides wonderful panoramic views of Dundee. You can easily go to the peak of the hill on foot or take a bus. On reaching the top of the hill enjoy a marvellous panorama and take the best snaps ever. You can also visit Dundee War Memorials located here and enjoy picnicking and relaxing in the green spaces surrounding the hill.


Magdalen Green

Magdalen Green is an iconic meeting and recreational place for the locals. The oldest city park has been opened for visitors for more than 400 years. On summer Sundays instrumental bands play music of different kinds. The green space is a perfect place to relax, have family picnics, small barbeque parties, and admire the fascinating views. It’s a nice place to sit, think of the reason for being and watch the world go by.

Camperdown Wildlife Centre

This astonishing zoological park is located 15 minutes away from Dundee city centre. You can drop in here at any time of the year. The Wildlife Centre has become a home to versatile animals from all corners of the world including:

  • black and white ruffed lemur;
  • Clydesdale horses and donkeys:
  • golden eagle;
  • European otter;
  • chough;
  • common marmosets;
  • owls of all kinds;
  • waldrapp ibis and violet turaco.

A café and a shop work daily on the territory of the park. Visit the official site of the Dundee Wildlife Center to learn more about its admission prices, facilities and opening times.

Broughty Ferry Beach

If you are nuts about the fresh sea breeze, Broughty Ferry Beach won’t disappoint you. Its large sandy beach overlooks a majestic Medieval castle. It was Built in the 15th century and endured lots of sieges and battles. Once it used to be a fishers’ village. Nowadays it is a residential suburb of Dundee.

The beach boasts magnificent views across the Tay Estuary. It’s up to you to decide what to do here – whether to stroll along the sandy coastline or workout while taking in the beautiful surroundings. Come round into the Broughty Castle Museum with its unique collection of paintings and armoury gallery. Make your way to the top of the castle. There is an observation room with stunning views here. You might be lucky enough to see the dolphins.

Clatto Country Park

The city park has a water reservoir. It was created in the 17th century to supply Dundee with water. Now it is not used on purpose. The lovely artificial lake together with charming woodland, picturesque paths and a play area produce an idyllic picture of Scottish beauty. Choose different routes and enjoy a leisurely hike at one of the most beautiful city parks of Dundee.

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