Ayahuasca Retreat USA: Search Your Soul

Ayahuasca Retreat USA

At Ayahuasca Retreat USA, we will see that the journey in pursuit of the soul is more than a spiritual pilgrimage within the new mystical fashions of our times. The soul quest is the search for our inner breath and the confrontation with our opposite (and complementary) feminine and masculine.

Spiritual peace, calm and inner calm

In many ways, it can be called that spiritual state that is the polar opposite of stress and produces intimate well-being. It is a good that cannot be bought but that can and should be sought and whose mere search already produces beneficial effects.

To obtain spiritual peace, we do not need to go far away, seclude ourselves in a monastery or climb a mountain. At Ayahuasca Retreat USA, spiritual peace, calm, tranquility, and inner calm can be experienced right now, each of us in the place where we are. With only one condition: value spiritual peace. 

If we value the soul quest, we will do everything possible to obtain it.

Tips to obtain spiritual peace

Choose well how you spend your time. Don’t waste it. It is the only asset we have counted.

Suppose you are addicted to the news and soap operas. In that case, if you spend hours reading magazines and newspapers. Your mind will be agitated by the negativity of the messages you encounter daily. To Soul Quest, it is necessary to detach ourselves from haste, from living dependent on others and from negativity. If you have 15 minutes free at home, take your time to turn on the TV or connect to the Internet. 

Allow yourself to do something positive for yourself:

Learn to think, learn to rest mentally, learn to admire. The problem with life today is that it makes us feel insecure if we are not constantly busy with something. However, when we allow ourselves in those minutes to breathe deeply, close our eyes. And imagine a wonderful landscape, peace comes to us.

Control your thoughts. It is a challenging task. When you close your eyes seeking peace, it seems as if thoughts wake up and begin to take on their own life. They spin and spin, determining our mental state. It is necessary to think positively and in a single thought: “I am going to feel well,” “I am looking for peace,” “inner peace gives me well-being.” It isn’t easy, but you learn. We will not be able to be masters and masters of our thoughts the first day we try. But since gymnastics is a matter of training and each day you exercise, you are closer to achieving the desired results. Do not allow your negative thoughts to tyrannize you. Never feel like a victim of your thoughts.

Simplify your life.

Choose, decide, and do not allow self-imposed tasks to overwhelm you. We can feel at all hours that we lack time to complete our to-do list…or we can choose to minimize the list and prioritize the demands. Only do the most important tasks; when you do them, enjoy them. To experience spiritual peace, avoid having a life full of clutter.

Take time to cultivate spiritual peace. We use more than 8 hours daily to earn money and another 7 or 8 to rest. Can’t we find 15 minutes to seek spiritual peace? Fifteen minutes a day used in relaxation and meditation techniques will produce a state of consciousness flooded with spiritual peace.

Increase your self-confidence. Be immune to praise and criticism. If our self-esteem depends on the opinions of others, we will never find spiritual peace. We must learn to have confidence in ourselves for our actions, ideas, and efforts to achieve our most intimate desires. This does not mean selfishly loving ourselves; we value ourselves and trust in our qualities.

Be generous and selfless with your values and your actions. Searching for inner peace is a quest of the soul, and it does not require you to live a hermit’s life or be disinterested in others.

How does healing energy flow through us endlessly?

It just waits for us to use it. In Ayahuasca Retreat USA, you will learn to recognize that energy and use it for self-healing, as well as for the healing of other people. 

Healing spiritual energy is available to anyone willing to receive it. And who believes that it exists and can change life, transforming illness into health. This energy is a gift from God, dispensed to anyone who asks for it with an open heart. It is comparable to the regeneration process that takes place uninterruptedly in each of us, and that keeps people healthy. The healer acts in a certain way as a mediator who accelerates the healing process in the event of a health disturbance. He acts as a force that restores health, harmony and balance. 

Soul Quest is a spiritual healing.

Healing is much more than the elimination of physical symptoms and the restoration of bodily health. It is the return to balance and harmony. There can only be complete physical health if the person is healthy and in harmony with his internal and external environment

At Ayahuasca Retreat USA, spiritual peace is a dynamic, contagious, radiating activity. We must feel that our spiritual peace depends on the well-being of others.

Avoid criticism. If we seek spiritual peace, we cannot continually negatively value the actions of others. Accept the thoughts and actions of others, even if they are very different from yours, as a form of life enrichment.

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