Best Picnic Spots In Colombia to Visit

Colombia is a land of peace, confidence and prosperity. Moreover, this country is casting all of the outdated thoughts aside, such as drug wars and gangsters. In this destination of great contrast, one can easily spot the best places for picnicking in Colombia.

Charmings like snow capped Andean peaks, turquoise Caribbean coasts, tropical Amazonian jungles, and two sun-kissed deserts you can enjoy on purchasing the American Airlines Vacation Packages.

Colombia also boasts the spectacular attractions throughout the destination, where one can experience the miracle of Cartagena and the gossip through Medellin to the calm colonial villages throughout the cities like Salento &Mompox.

Places Not to Miss While in Colombia

Find the list below and get ease in where to go for a picnic while in Colombia.


It is the iconic landmark of the Caribbean coast as well as one of the regenerated colonial cities in America. While spotting this city in Colombia, rely on a historic walled metropolis, where you may experience the different eras through the old time. Cartagena featuring the building fascinated with the centuries-old walls.

Moreover, the city encompasses the most prominent colonial architecture which is now a beautiful restored hotels and cuisine spot. Other than the old city you can head out to the beaches and islands which take less than an hour to strike through the attraction at cartagena. There are a lot of amazing sights which would fit your relaxing mood.


It is the most renowned place to visit for picnicking with friends and family. And it was a great dubbed city of dangerous towns throughout the world. Although Bogota is the capital of Colombia, it is Medellin’s smaller and easier to manage. That’s the reason behind many people attracted towards it for touring, picnicking and many other time passes. While you are in this city, ensure to avail the cable car enjoyment which enables the people to overview the hillstanstions beauty.

Apart from this, Museum of Antioquia, Rafael Uribe Uribe Palace of Culture, and Old Quarter at Botero Plaza are some of the immense attractions to spot while in Medellin.

Cano Cristales

It’s mainly prominent throughout the city due its rainbow color in the water. Moreover, it is the iconic natural landmark which has been succeeding in influencing the crowd since it’s existence. So, make sure to add it to your itinerary while planning for the Colombia tour.

This river is located out of La Macarena’s small town in the national park which is denoted as Serranía de la Macarena throughout the destination. The color forms into the river due to hues fade out from Plants, rocks, sand and algae. One can find shades like black,green,  white, yellow or jet red depending on location. To fly to this destination as well as exploring its attraction, you can make American Airlines Español. For convenience while booking you can talk to any air ticketing agent.

Where to Stay while in Colombia for the Trip?

Given below are the following where you can stay safe and secure until you are done with your trip.

  • Bogota
  • Salento
  • Medellin
  • Cartagena
  • Palomino
  • Tayrona park Minca
  • Santa Marta / Taganga

Best to Time Spot the Colombia

July to August is the most prominent  duration for someone to visit colombia. During these months Colombia enriches the summer season which is great to tour all the places throughout the destination.

Other than this, December and January are the months when the rainfalls are lower. If you are planning to spend your winter weekends in Colombia choose any of the months between December to january.


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