Can a child outgrow stuttering? Know what the speech pathologists suggest!

When you compare an adult and a child, the stuttering problem is seen more in kids when compared to the others. This is not a rare condition or something that is hard to tackle. Even though stuttering is prominent, the top speech pathologists still suggest that when it comes to little kids or children who belong to the small age group, they can outgrow this condition. There are chances that they do not need any therapy or consultation for this problem. However, in some cases, the kids show the stuttering problem even after entering the teenage years. So, let’s check what the expert speech pathologists suggest!

Is it possible to treat stuttering?

Indeed, it is possible to treat this problem, and the best thing is that we can do it with simple yet effective exercises that can help you sync the tongue movements properly and reduce the stuttering. There are experts who keep working on such people and let them try every possible way by which they can increase the length of sound. Moreover, they also make them try cognitive communication, which has given great results to people who followed it step by step. So, you can find a near me speech pathologist and book an appointment now!

Stuttering is genetic: How true is it?

According to research, speech motor control can have some issues if it runs in the family. So, we can say that stuttering speech can be genetic, but it is not mandatory that if the father has this problem, the son too will have it. There are slight chances, and you cannot assume that it will definitely be there. So, if you see someone who is going through the same thing, don’t keep in mind that his kids can have it too until you know it by speaking to them.

Surgical procedures for stuttering speech: Do there exist any such procedures?

If someone is suggesting a surgical procedure for treating stuttering speech, do not believe him. There is no such procedure that can treat the stuttering problem. Either you are asking the wrong person or someone is trying to make a fool of you. Until today, we could only rely on therapies or exercises that could help with speech improvement and fluency. There are several renowned neurosurgeons who tried a number of procedures but had no success.


Here, we can wrap up by saying that stuttering speech can be treated with help of exercises and therapies, and in case of small kids, they can outgrow the problem. So, you have to keep a check and call the expert speech pathologist, who can suggest a better course of action. You can find them online and make a call.

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