Change your Lifestyle Habits to Reverse Kidney Damage

By 2050, half of the world population will be diabetic. In short, a diabetes pandemic. 

In other studies, baies brown with zero insulin tolerance and failed kidneys are also likely to increase. 

If that doesn’t tell you about the importance of your kidney health, then I don’t know what will. 

Kidneys are vital for healthy functioning of the body. Whether it’s your macros, micros or proteins, your kidney and liver plays the most part in ensuring a healthy supply of important nutrients to your body. Anything that fails to match the standard, well goes down to organ failure. 

With huge numbers coming to surface on the increasing rate of young diabetic patients, learning about healthy foods for the kidney has become a more pressing need. 

Few dietary changes can drastically improve your kidney health. If you are on the right track with your food intake and little movements, chances are you can reverse your kidney damage and move forward to amazing health. 

Important note: immediately consult with a doctor in case of any severe symptoms, urinary tract infection or kidney damage. You might need to get fully tested before making any dietary changes. 

Consciously choose the right foods 

A colourful plate guarantees heart health. There are a variety of fresh vegetables and juicy fruits to choose from. According to the best nephrologist in Karachi, making sure you are incorporating all of them one after another on your plate. Go as creative as you can with your plate. Ideally your plate should have maximum protein and less carbs and fats. You also wanted to focus more on unsaturated fats and saturated fats can mess with your cholesterol and blood pressure levels. 

Choose a mix of herbs and spices for your food, rather than salt. Studies have shown that people who use a mix of whole spices like turmeric, cumin and other herbs have higher absorption rate in their gut. 

Start reading all the food labels this time for your grocery trip. You might want to look for high sodium content, artificial flavours, additives and preservatives. 

If you can, you absolutely must skip refined sugar or any kind of sugars for that matter. If you have a strong sweet tooth then you can minimise your sweet cravings and look for alternatives. You might want to consider stevia or jaggery to help you with curbing your cravings. 

Eat wholefoods. Veggies and fruits when juiced are not whole foods anymore. Switch from drinking fresh juices to eating whole complete foods. Next time, instead of having a full glass of orange, have a whole orange instead. 

Watch your intake. When it comes to switching towards a healthier eating. You have to be less conscious of calories and more conscious of what you are eating. Foods high in processed fats with less calorie count can be as damaging as any unhealthy food. This is a salient killer and you must be aware of all the packaged, tin foiled foods in your grocery lists. 

Slow down your munchies if you ask me. The biggest troublemakers in your diet are these unregulated ‘harmless, zero calorie’ snack packs. Instead of having sea salted popcorn packs, just because they are ‘low in calories’, chop one whole cucumber with a side of 1tbsp of homemade hummus. There you have the right snack fix. 

Get moving! 

Your physical health has a lot more to do with your mental health than your diet. When moving towards clean eating, your brain will stop you. But wait, I am trying to get healthy! That’s exactly why. If it isn’t for the food addictions developed over years of poor eating habits, then it’s the evolutionary trigger that signals our brain of scarce resources around us. This is why you have to train for a strong mindset. No matter what your circumstances feel like, you must by all means make physical activity part of your routine. 

Get good sleep 

Not having enough sleep directly impacts your gut health. Try getting enough sleep in the right quality hours. According to leading brain health experts, the best hours for optimal sleep and productivity are between 10pm till 4am. If you disrupt your sleeping hours, you eventually lose half of your quality brain cells with an extra topping of useless stress. 

Manage your stress, high blood pressure and diabetes

If you want to reverse your kidney conditions then it’s best to manage your stress levels. In case you have a pre-onset of diabetes and high blood pressure, then you must consult with a specialist immediately. Your doctor may also prescribe you medications to protect your kidneys in case of severe conditions. 

Keep your health care provider in the Loop! 

Just because you have read a little more on kidney health does not certify you to hold an expert opinion on what will help your chronic condition and what won’t. Prepare a set of questions to ask your doctor to stay as informed of your condition as possible. 

Be mindful that getting early diagnosis on a kidney condition can be the only promising way to early kidney treatment. 

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