Common Mistakes to Avoid Before Moving from India to UAE

For most people, moving from India to UAE is an easy task. However, this is not true as you need to abide by a perfect strategy to relocate your goods safely from India to UAE. Some people are ignorant about the ways to manage their international relocation. So, they commit mistakes while moving their goods to the UAE from India.

This affects your international relocation in several ways and you end up ruining your move due to this. Hence, the best way to prevent these mistakes is to know about them. Following are a few common mistakes that you need to avoid while moving from India to UAE:-

Not De-cluttering Your Home

Some people do not de-clutter their houses and leave for their destination straightaway. However, this is one of the biggest mistakes they commit during the move as their relocation costs go up due to this.

So, if you are moving from India to UAE without de-cluttering your house, you will end up paying extra charges for your move. Also, you will have to carry the unused items to your destination if you don’t sort out them before your relocation.

Not Planning Your Move

It is not possible to be successful in any task if you don’t plan before doing it. Well, the same thing applies to the international move. So, you should make a foolproof plan before initiating your relocation from India to the UAE.

Make sure to create a proper checklist before your move and stick to your deadlines. Apart from this, you should be as organized as you can be while relocating to the UAE to experience a successful international relocation. The key to an organized move is to accomplish all your tasks within the pre-defined time. This will greatly help you in transporting your goods to your desired destination without any stress. The ones who don’t plan their move end up getting a spoiled move. Thus, always make sure to follow a strategy whether you are moving locally or internationally.

Not Learning About the Culture

Some people don’t give much importance to learning the language and culture of the country they are moving to. This provides them with so much stress as they feel like strangers even after living in another country for quite a long time. So, learning about the culture of your destination country is one of the most important things to take care of while moving to an international relocation.

Hence if you are moving from India to UAE, it is best to stay updated about its customs and traditions. This will help you know about the people and their way of living. Hence, if you want to live in a foreign country, you must be well-acquainted with their day-to-day living. If you get familiar with their traditions, you won’t have any problem adapting to their culture.

Not Making a Proper Budget

Creating a moving budget is one of the most important tasks that you should do before starting your international relocation. Most people commit the mistake of not making a realistic budget for their move. However, due to this, they go out of budget and are bound to pay higher prices to their movers during the international relocation process.

Not Comparing the Quotes

Nowadays, many fraud-moving companies are operating illegally in the market. They only aim to extract more and more money from the customers. So, it becomes extremely important to compare the best quotes before hiring a moving company. This will help you in finding a suitable quote for you according to your requirements.

Some people don’t compare the quotes and are bound to pay much higher prices to their movers. However, they should not make this mistake and go through the different quotes to find the right quote for them. You can compare different moving companies on several parameters such as their quality of services, their total experience, etc.

Not Preparing their Documents

Some people are completely ignorant about the requirements of an international relocation. They do not know about the importance of preparing their documents before their international move. As a result, they run into many problems during the move. So, you should always prepare your important documents before moving from India to the UAE.

There are a lot of documents that you need to manage during your international relocation. Some of these documents include your academic documents, medical documents, and other important certificates. However, the most important documents that you must carry with you during the move include your passport and visa. If you don’t have a visa and passport, you can’t move to any place from your country.

Not Researching the Best Schools

If you are moving from India to UAE with your kids, you must find the best school for your kids. If you search for them on the Internet, you will find a number of schools within your locality. Some people do not research the schools before shifting with their kids. As a result, they fail to find a good school for their kids after moving to their desired location. Remember, finding the best school for your children is not an easy chore.

So, you must spare some time to find the best-suited school for them before moving there. However, make sure to consider the distance between your home to the school before selecting the school for your kids. If the school is close to your home, your kids won’t have any problem going there.

Not Getting the Moving Insurance Services

Getting moving insurance services is a must if you are moving from India to UAE. Still, some people don’t avail of the right moving insurance services from their movers. This is a big mistake on their part as they don’t get any compensation for their goods if they get damaged during their international move. As a result, they have to bear the loss or damage to their belongings during the move. So, it is advisable to get suitable moving insurance for you irrespective of the place you are moving to.


Now you are aware of the common mistakes that people commit while moving from India to UAE. Hence, make sure not to commit the above-mentioned mistakes while shifting to your desired international destination.

Author Bio: Aditya Keshari

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