Dominos Near Me – Your Nearest Domino’s Pizza Locations

Domino’s stands as one of the foremost food brands, renowned particularly for its pizzas and appetizers. It caters to food enthusiasts through both online delivery and its physical Domino’s locations. Domino’s originated in the United States, founded by two brothers, Tom Monaghan and James Monaghan. Over the years, it evolved into the premier pizza establishment in the US. Its humble beginnings trace back to a single store named Dominos Nicks. As time passed, its influence expanded, ultimately achieving worldwide fame. Domino’s doesn’t limit itself to pizza; it also offers pasta, appetizers, sandwiches, and a variety of cold drinks. To locate the nearest Domino’s restaurant, a quick search of “Domino’s Near Me” on Google Search or Google Maps will suffice.

Domino’s Branches in the United States

As of the latest estimate in August 2023, Dominos Pizza Near Me boasts a total of 6,741 locations in the United States alone, constituting 11 percent of its worldwide presence. The state with the highest number of branches is Texas, boasting a whopping 724 locations. Domino’s footprint extends to 51 states and territories, encompassing 3,269 cities across the US.

  • Texas: 724 locations
  • California: 584 locations
  • Florida: 465 locations
  • North Carolina: 304 locations
  • Ohio: 269 locations
  • Pennsylvania: 252 locations
  • New York: 236 locations
  • Georgia: 233 locations
  • Virginia: 229 locations
  • Illinois: 224 locations

States in the US Where Domino’s is Not Present:

Despite the substantial population, there are a few states where Domino’s services are not available:

  • Puerto Rico
  • American Samoa
  • Guam
  • U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Northern Mariana Islands

How to Find the Nearest Domino’s Branch in the US?

You can easily locate the nearest Domino’s branch in the US through two methods:

  1. Using the Domino’s Website or App:
    • Download or visit the official Domino’s app.
    • Utilize the store locator feature within the app.
    • Input or enable your location information.
    • You will then be able to identify the nearest Domino’s branches in your vicinity.
  2. Using Google Maps:
    • Open Google Maps and search for “Dominos Near Me.”
    • Enable your location services, and Google Maps will display the exact branches and their distances from your current location.

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How to Track Domino’s Online Delivery in the US?

Regardless of your location within the US, you can order Domino’s pizza or other food items online and track your delivery. Please note that delivery typically takes around 30 minutes. Here’s how to track your online delivery:

  1. Place your order on the Dominos Near Me website or app.
  2. Check for a confirmation email or SMS on your smartphone.
  3. Use the provided link to monitor your order’s status, including updates on preparation, baking, and delivery.
  4. Enjoy your pizza when it arrives.


If Domino’s operates in your state, you can easily find the nearest branch using their app or Google Maps. Domino’s is available in numerous countries across Europe and Asia, and while delivery times may vary, tracking your order online takes only seconds.

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