Fire Rated Roller Shutters: The facts

Fire Rated Roller Shutters are a lifesaver and a property saver in the case of a fire because they provide a barrier at the entrance. A building’s residents are protected during an evacuation because fire and smoke are contained inside their respective sections. In addition to their higher fire rating, the heavier, bulkier materials used in the manufacturing of fire shutters set them apart from standard steel roller shutters.

A fire rated roller shutter is a simple, hands-off method of containing blazes. It might be wired into the fire alarm system so that it goes off as soon as a fire is detected. When they aren’t being used, they are hidden away in the nooks.

How do fire shutters work?

Fire rated roller shutters work the same as regular roller shutters unless a fire is threatening. The shutters are usually connected to the fire alarm system. When smoke is detected, a motor will turn off the screens automatically. A fireproof door or window may be modified to fit your needs in a variety of ways. Some models, for instance, provide more precise readings by employing a heat-detection device rather of a smoke detector. Choose shutters that close under their own weight to prevent motor failure.

The Case for Fire Doors and Windows 

Reduces the risk of fire spreading.

Unlike standard roller shutters, fire shutters are built to withstand a particular amount of heat and smoke from a fire. Standard procedure dictates that fire shutters be installed on any openings that must be completely sealed off from the remainder of the building. The fire shutter will close automatically in the event of a fire alarm or smoke detection. They aid with containing a fire and keeping it from spreading until help arrives in a building emergency. As a result, more people will have time to leave safely.

Insulated fire shutters, a subset of fire shutters with an additional radiation rating (EW), can help prevent the explosion of explosive materials caused by radiant heat from the sun or other causes. Their importance cannot be overstated in any workplace where combustible products are present and extra safety measures are required for COSHH and HSE compliance.

Encourages laws passed by the government

The government recognises the value of Fire rated roller shutters due to their capacity to contain fires within individual rooms. Guidelines for fire risk assessments and fire safety in commercial, industrial and non-domestic sectors advocate placing areas with extensive food services in a separate structure. This is of utmost importance if the buildings there offer a serious risk of catching fire. Fire-resistant structures, such as fire shutters, should be utilised to segregate the areas.

Fire shutters are a cost-effective and practical alternative to conventional fire doors that do more than simply meet code requirements. They are commonly seen in places like kitchens, cafeterias, and other communal gathering areas. Due to their effectiveness in putting out fires, fire shutters may be installed in every room of a building.

Useful for assessing the risk of fire

Regular fire risk assessments are vital. Include fire and evacuation drills, plus checks of safety equipment. Key in assessment: functioning fire-rated roller shutters. Illegal to use uncertified ones.

Insurance rates are reduced.

When you take precautions like adding fire shutters, your insurance premiums should go down. Insurance companies often offer discounts to businesses that can demonstrate they have taken measures to lessen the likelihood of damage caused by fire. The quality of the security systems already in place is just one of many elements that insurers take into account when calculating the cost of a company’s property insurance policy. Regularly maintained fire shutters significantly reduce the chance of catastrophic fire damage.

Guarantees a very secure environment

The greatest safe and durable materials went into making your fire shutters. And now you have excellent security as a bonus. Their fireproof nature makes them great security measures both on the inside and the outside. When the switch is flipped, the shutter is closed into a fire-safe position. Protect your home and valuables with these sturdy fire shutter doors.

Fire shutters have other uses, like keeping out unwanted guests and staff. Heavy shutters would create a lot of noise if someone tried to force their way in, which would alert the staff nearby.

Fire prevention systems are crucial for the security of workplaces and factories. There should never be a fire protection system without Fire Rated Roller Shutters. Closing these shutters from Ashley Roller Door will prevent the spread of fire and smoke, perhaps saving lives and property.

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