How Do You Overcome the Challenges While Studying Abroad? 

Living far away from your family isn’t the most convenient thing. You’ve probably thought that living in a different country and studying there would give you a taste of freedom, but there are a few challenges that come along the way. 

Having said that, we believe that going for summer foreign exchange student programs is the most enjoyable and enriching experience for any young mind. 

Nothing’s impossible when it comes to challenges. So, here’s a post that reveals how you can overcome the challenges while studying abroad or going for a summer exchange program. Find out as you move forward. 

#1 When Feeling Homesick… 

Even if it’s a summer exchange program and not four years in a university, young minds miss their home. When you feel homesick, you must find out the root cause. Are you missing your loved ones, or you’re missing the food? Most people get homesick because they can’t find the food they eat back home. 

The best way to cope with this is to learn cooking. That’s right! Students can learn to be independent during this journey. Watch some YouTube videos, learn the dishes you’re missing in the new country, and become independent. You will take this learning home! 

But wait a minute! Whether you are in the U.S. or the U.K., you will find restaurants that serve all kinds of food. For example, Indian, Korean, Spanish, and other kinds of cuisines are available in different parts of the world. 

If you are feeling homesick, you can simply go to these restaurants and enjoy the traditional food you get. 

As for missing your family, you can use technology to stay connected with loved ones. This isn’t stone-age, so you can video-call your family members and speak to them anytime.  

#2 Dealing with Cross-Cultural Barrier 

Let’s say there are certain cultural differences. For example, people who don’t know how to use chopsticks, and then there are others who do not eat non-vegetarian food. 

Dealing with cross-cultural barriers can be difficult for students, but nothing’s impossible. Think of it like this – you are going for a summer exchange, so you have a chance to understand another culture. 

You can take this opportunity to learn about the culture, make new friends, learn another language, and take back some new memories and etiquette. When you’re back home after the summer exchange program, you can teach your family and friends about the new things you learned. 

We see a silver lining in the darkest cloud. But this is not a dark cloud – it’s an opportunity for you. 

Speaking of cross-cultural differences, you also learn to respect other cultures during the process. You learn about different festivals, gestures, and polite phrases in different languages. 

There is much to learn when you travel to another country. Summer exchange programs do not last for years, but the journey will be enriching, and you will get to learn a lot. 

#3 Lack of Funds 

Summer exchange programs do not last for years, so you do not have to live in poverty. The timeframe is short, so you doing a job isn’t necessary too. But there are ways to save extra costs, like eating at home, walking instead of taking cabs, learning to travel in trains and buses, sharing meal costs with fellow students, and exploring street foods. 

It is possible that you will live with a host family, so the food costs may be covered. But you have to check the details of the summer exchange before coming to a conclusion. 

#4 Not Being Familiar With the New Country 

You are new to the country, so it is obvious that you won’t know anyone. But that should not stop you from making new relationships. 

You can explore the country, hop on a bus, visit different tourist spots, and make new friends. It isn’t hard to socialize in a new country. You will never get lost in a new country because technology keeps you updated. Google the tourist spots, find a community and make new friends, and perhaps ask the summer exchange coordinator to help you mingle with a group. 

You won’t be alone in the new country! 

#5 New Things and Concepts May Shock You 

Before going for the summer exchange program, read about the destination. Read about the weather, temperature, how people dress, common phrases used, safety, best places to eat, best spots to visit, etc. 

Technology is your best buddy at this point! Do your research before going for a summer exchange program. Cultural shock can be handled if you read more about the destination beforehand. 

Summing Up 

There are many young minds who feel lost and clueless when they go for a summer exchange program. 

But there is nothing to worry about! You will make many friends, and this is your opportunity to visit a new destination and learn about their culture. 

Grab this opportunity! 

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