How to Create Multi Color Labels

How to Create Multi Color Labels

relatively easy.

Gerace’s diversification program expanded further through the purchase of an Erlanger, Kentucky company which produced rotary-cylinder manufacturing technology – thus becoming vertically integrated as part of their portfolio of assets.
Easy to Print

Are You Needing Multi-Color Labels for Your Facility or Products? There Are Easy Solutions To Do So

Multi-Color has, over the years, built up an illustrious client roster featuring some of the world’s premier consumer product companies. Their labels can be seen adorning items such as liquid detergents, laundry-care products, beverage containers, health and beauty aids, motor oil and receipt paper roll in Saudi arabiachewing gum. Furthermore, Multi-Color pioneered in-mold labeling – applying labels directly onto plastic containers as they were being formed so they integrated perfectly with final products’ looks for greater branding and shelf appeal.
Easy to Customize

Full Color Labels will help your products and business stand out from the competition.

MCC Label Direct offers wineries a convenient, low minimum online label ordering solution at very reasonable minimumsCWrigley Jr’s Chewing Gum Company as clients. Easy to Ship

Printing labels at home offers many advantages.

Fluorescent colors add an exciting splash of color to product packaging, adding vibrancy and energy. Fluorescents also work great as an eye-catching contrast against graphic elements or text, helping make them pop even further. Just be wary not to overuse fluorescent shades as too many may overwhelm visual perception and cause confusion.

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