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Is standing AC better than split AC?

In this intense Dubai heat. Everyone needs a good AC. But there are so many options in the market. So, it becomes difficult for most of us to make up our mind. The first thing is choosing between a split or a standing AC. Some might think that standing ACs are better. While others side with split ACs. Today, we’ll find out which of the two types are better. Join us as we dive into the world of Air Conditioners in Dubai.

Standing vs Split

No matter if you’re home or at work. Living in UAE calls for a good AC system. This brings you to the market. But there is the tough decision to choose from the two AC options. Which will you choose?

Both types of ACs have their own perks. Their function varies depending on where you use them. So, it’s important to do your homework. Before you actually head out to buy an AC. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in a confusing mess. And might end up making a wrong decision. But don’t worry. We have your back! Today, we’ll see which type of AC is better. So, sit tight and let us help you in making the right choice.

How are They Different?

So how are these two ACs different? A split AC follows its name. It splits the system into two parts. One being the indoor while the other being the outdoor unit. Standing ACs are also a type of split AC. But they have a smaller footprint than the conventional split. While choosing between the two. You need to look into a lot of stuff. Such as noise levels, long-term costs, and cooling levels. Generally, standing ACs are more costly. But they are more efficient too. Both units need professional help to install.

Let’s Compare

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing between standing and split ACs. Room size being the first thing to look at. As a standing AC is better for a small room. While a split works better for bigger rooms. Another key thing is to know how much noise each type makes. You definitely don’t want a noisy machine where you’re sleeping. Now, let’s see the different features of the two types in comparison.

1.      Cooling Powers

Standing ACs are perfect for areas that need higher cooling. As these machines produce cooler air faster. They’re ideal for cooling places quickly. They draw outside air and cool it through a set of coils. This makes the cooling process quicker and more efficient. They also save up energy and reduce your footprint.

Split ACs take up less space than other types of ACs. They work best in spaces where you have less space. They have strong cooling and are best for smaller spaces. Moreover, they provide you with more ease. As you can access both indoor and outdoor units separately. This way you can optimize their energy use.

2.      Power Consumption

Another important factor while making this choice is power usage. You should look for a unit that matches your needs. At the same time, gives the best efficiency. Standing AC units provide better power stats. Especially when you compare them to split ACs. But the bigger the unit, the higher the cost. That’s the rule. So, remember that with the higher initial cost. Standing ACs can also be costly if you consider a bigger unit. So, you must always choose according to your needs.

On the other hand, split ACs are costlier. These types of ACs consume the most power. Thus, their silent and high cooling features comes at a cost. And that cost is more power. So, choose wisely between the two. You wouldn’t want to have a machine that’s more than what you need. As that’ll end up costing more than you expect.

3.      Price Differences

Now comes one of the most important factors. And that is the price. Everyone wants the most out of their investment. And so do you. Let’s find out how you can get the most out of it. A standing AC is an ideal low-cost buy. It even improves the air quality of your house. But remember, the bigger the unit the bigger the price tag. So, figure out your needs first. Before you head out to buy an AC.

Meanwhile, the cost of split ACs depends on a lot of things. Such as the size, company, and type of outdoor unit. Split ACs are also more expensive than window ACs. But they provide better performance too. Their price also varies depending on the size of the unit.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Now, let’s see what pros and cons come with each unit. You can make a better decision knowing this.

Standing ACs

Standing Acs has its pros as well as cons. It is easy to move. So, it’s ideal for those who move their furniture a lot. Next, it is efficient on power. It has a good cooling range. Plus, it’s cheaper than your regular ACs. Despite these perks, standing ACs do have some down points. Such as their big and bulky size. These ACs take up space in your room. They’re also not as efficient as traditional air conditioners.

Split ACs

Splits are highly efficient. They have many models. So, you can choose from many. You can go for the inverter model. This model of the split AC saves up a lot on your bills. Moreover, these units are low maintenance. So, it saves you from the extra worry. Plus, they’re easy to use and last long. Despite all this, splits still have some cons. These units are difficult to install. So, you need professional help when doing so. They are expensive to buy. But pay it off in the long run. Lastly, they might need a lot of power if you’re not using an inverter model.

Stay Cool!

Now that you know all about split and standing ACs. It’s time for you to judge them yourself. Does a standing AC sound better to you? Or will a split AC fulfill your needs. To get an expert opinion, visit Central Trading Company in Dubai. They’ll provide you with an in-depth report of what AC will be best for you. So, what are you waiting for? Find the right AC and beat UAE’s summer.


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