Luxurious Beach Destinations That Boast of Fresh and Healthy Air – Why Don’t You Visit One Today?

Recent research on luxurious beach destinations worldwide showed that the US owns 11 of 20 such locations. Isn’t this great news for summer holidayers who want to soak in the sun, enjoy breathtaking views, and try adventures with loved ones? Choosing from one of these areas can be easy because you know they will offer more than your expectations. But don’t select something based on amenities or arrangements alone. 

Summer heat and humidity lead to air pollution. With widespread cases of wildfires, the air quality hopelessly deteriorates. To ensure you and everyone in your group remain in good shape throughout the vacation, choose a luxury beach destination per its air quality index that determines the level of pollutants in the atmosphere. 

A place with AQI 50 or less will have clean air. That means anyone, including people with sensitivity, can also have outdoor fun. So, here are some best picks.

California’s Pismo Beach with AQI 25

California has a bouquet of beach destinations to explore even during a short weekend. And luckily, Pismo Beach is there. You can see a lot of this place in just two days. The Oceanside views, lip-smacking food, and adventurous activities will keep you hooked on this expensive destination, feeling as if you toured the entire world. According to MyBioSource, its AQI is 25. That means the fresh air will keep you pumped to make the most of your travel. If you come here from Los Angeles, reaching this place will take only three hours. As you drive through the scenic highways, your eyes will witness some of the most gorgeous scenes of Cliffside beaches and oceans. 

Once you are here, you must take a stroll at the pier to treat your eyes to the glorious sunsets in the world. For adventure, you can indulge in cave kayaking. It will offer you the much-needed thrill you ever desired. In this beach city, travelers also visit the Oceana Dunes to taste vehicular recreation. After the adventure, you can relax on the 17-mile sandy expanse to temper your energy and calm your mind with delectable surrounding views.

Massachusetts’s Nantucket Town with AQI 30

Another summer hotspot is this beach town, again with healthy air quality. Massachusetts is already famous for its recreation, nature, and history. So, you can expect this specific destination to take good care of your needs. One can reach here from New Bedford, Hyannis, and Harwich Port through ferries. Travelers from New York City prefer to take a flight. Nantucket has various beach spots for adults and kids. Those who like surfing can ride the tall waves on the side of the South Shore. Leisure tourists can spend time at the lighthouse, public zoos, and more. And someone with a romantic partner cannot afford to miss the views of the setting sun. Shopping, food and drinks, and historical tours are easy to pack into your schedule to leverage every penny you spend on the experience.

However, More options are available. But these two expensive beach locations also enjoy the cleanest air among others. Hence, prioritizing them can be an intelligent decision.

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