Most Common Places To Visit on Umrah and Hajj

The second-holiest Islamic city for Muslims is Madinah, which is located around 4 hours from Makkah. Additionally, these are the most well-liked destinations in Madinah for Umrah and Hajj pilgrims. Many pilgrims travel to Madinah to pay tribute at the city’s well-known mosques, cemeteries, and shrines. Despite Madinah experiencing hot, dry weather throughout the year, it is best to avoid traveling there in the summer whenever temperatures may rise above 45°C.

Wintertime, whenever the temperature ranges between 17°C and 28°C, is comfortable. There are also taxis and auto rentals that provide transportation in Madinah. Buses are an excellent choice for traveling if you’re looking to explore local culture & conserve some money. Umrah packages inclusive of flights, accommodation, and transportation make the pilgrimage to Mecca a seamless and spiritually fulfilling journey for Muslim travelers.

Religious Sites in Madinah to Visit While Performing Umrah and Hajj

The city is littered with places of religious interest which one cannot overlook, as it is the second holiest shrine in Islam. A few of the holiest sites in Madinah to see when performing Umrah are listed below:

1. Al-Masjid An-Nabawi, Or The Mosque Of The Prophet

The second-most significant mosque is Al-Masjid An-Nabawi, after Masjid Al-Haram. Tradition has it that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) constructed it and was interred here beneath a green dome. A prayer offered here is equal to 1,000 offered at other mosques. For Muslims, offering prayers here is essential. The an-Nabawi mosque’s architecture has been improved over the years by many kings’ renovations and modifications. The green dome, Rawdah ash-Sharifah or the Noble Garden, the two mihrabs, the minarets, & a minbar are some of the features of the mosque’s contemporary design.

2. Masjid Al-Ahzab, the Site of the Battle

It is among the seven mosques in Madinah which have been significant historically for Islamic culture. Masjid Al-Ahzab’s site is well-known since it was here that Jews and Arabs who worshipped idols assaulted Muslims in Madinah. The Prophet recited a Du’a at this location on Jabal Sala’s western corner, which helped him win the battle of Ahzab.

3. Quba Mosque, the Second-Largest Mosque in the City

Masjid Quba is considered to be one of the oldest mosques, making it one of the most significant sites to see while performing Umrah in Madinah. The Prophet established it upon moving here from Makkah. As a result, it is highly regarded among Muslims. It is widely regarded as the third-most significant shrine in Saudi Arabia, & most Muslims regard a visit there as a requirement of their time in Madinah. It had been constructed around the year 622 AD, according to Islamic historical texts, and it is where the first Friday prayers were said.

4. Madinah’s Oldest Museum Is The Al-Madinah Museum

The city’s first and oldest museum is this one. It tells the story of Islam’s rich culture, past, & legacy. It reevaluates the incidents in Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) life. Especially seminars on his life are held there. Visitors are welcome from Saturday through Thursday. It features sizable models that depict the growth of many city landmarks. The museum showcases the city’s rich history by displaying rare objects and treasures.

5. A Stunning Tourist Destination In Madinah Is The Garden Of Hazrat Salman Farsi (RA)

Prophet Muhammad established over 300 date palms here to help Salman Farsi (RA) escape enslavement. It’s located close to Masjid Quba and continues to have a large number of date palm trees which enhance its charm. There is a date shop in the garden where you can sip a hot, steaming cup of tea while surrounded by foliage. During the Umrah, it serves as one of the most stunning religious sites to see in Madinah.

6. Mount Uhud – A Crucial Battlefield

The Battle of Uhud was fought on a mountain about 5 km north of Madinah. After losing the Battle of Badr, Quraysh gathered an army to battle Muslims. It serves as the final resting place for the Prophet’s uncle and fellow travelers. All of Madinah can be seen magnificently from the mountain’s summit. It features crevices which annually catch rainwater. Additionally, tourists may see tiny markets in the hills, where they may shop and have fun.

7. The Earliest Islamic Cemetery In Madinah Is Jannat-Ul-Baqi

It is a cemetery in Madinah where the Prophet Muhammad’s wives, daughters, & some associates are interred. The Prophet’s travelling companion As’ad Bin Zararah (RA) became the first to be interred here. He passed quite quickly after the Prophet moved to Madinah. According to legend, the Prophet himself picked the cemetery. It is regarded as a virtue to go to this cemetery and offer prayers to Allah, particularly on Fridays.

Final Words

Madinah is one of the most vibrant cities in Saudi Arabia during the Ramadan holy month after Makkah since there is plenty to observe and do there throughout Umrah. Around this time, pilgrims are welcome to visit Madinah ziyarats, well-known iftar locations, and prominent markets.

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