What are the  Benefits of Hiring a Professional Accountant?

Many UK-based accounting firms are now offering annual confirmation statements by tax accountant. This is an assurance, often required by larger UK-based companies, that all UK tax liabilities have been settled. You can get this form from a number of different accounting firms in London and throughout the UK. It is best to obtain this form from a professional tax accounting firm with expertise in UK taxation. A tax accountant will assist you in preparing your annual statement of accounts and ensuring it complies with UK tax laws.

Different Types of Accountancy Services 

There are different types of accountancy services provided through tax accountancy. Most large UK-based companies engage in a variety of these services. These include providing an individual voluntary arrangement, also known as an IVA. This allows UK companies to pay their taxes through a set process, organized by the company. The accountancy services also provide management services for the company’s assets, liabilities and assets ownership. They help companies establish the correct type of entity for their UK accounts.

Help Individuals Register their Businesses and Corporations

Business accountancy services are provided by many firms in London. One of the most popular UK accountancy services is that provided by PTA. This firm specializes in providing tax accountant services for businesses in London and throughout the UK. They specialize in providing services related to business, private individuals and corporations. Their activities include helping individuals register their businesses and corporations with the government, arranging corporate bank accounts and performing annual and quarterly returns.

Can Prepare the Annual Statement of Accounts

An additional type of accountancy service provided by the PTA is that of preparing the annual statement of accounts. The annual statement is prepared by a professional tax accountant on behalf of the client. This is an important task, as tax liabilities can affect a company’s ability to continue running. It is an important document for any UK company. Many accountants provide these services, either individually or as part of a larger service, such as in the case of a corporate annual statement.

Annual Confirmation Statement

One of the duties of the tax accountant is to prepare the standard accounting document known as the Annual Confirmation Statement. This is a standard document that lists all payments made to the client for corporation tax, income tax, national insurance contributions and other fees and bills. The Annual Confirmation Statement also lists the number of times that the corporation has met its obligations. The tax accountant not only prepares this statement, but also ensures that it is completed accurately and completely.

Prepare the Documents that the Company Must Submit to the UK Tax Authorities

The London Accountancy Services is particularly useful when a large corporation in London is attempting to meet its tax obligations. The accountancy services offered by the accounting firm allow a tax accountant to prepare the documents that the company must submit to the UK tax authorities on an annual basis. The accounts will include the financial records of the company, as well as all of its subsidiary businesses and corporations.

Help a Business Meet Its Obligations with Regards to Stamp Duty

The London accountancy services can also help a business meet its obligations with regards to stamp duty and other taxes. By using their financial records and information, the tax accountant can prepare the information that is required for the submission of this duty to the HM Revenue and Customs. The Accounting firm can also assist a business obtain reporting requirements from the UK tax authorities. Such reports are required in order to comply with the various legal obligations that are required in order to ensure compliance with the various taxes that are paid.


The accountancy services provided by the tax accountant are valuable to both the parent corporation and its subsidiary businesses. All of the information that they provide the parent corporation will help them meet their financial obligations. The parent company will be able to review their financial records and make sure that the statements they are receiving are accurate. The accountant will also be able to prepare the annual statement that is required by the UK tax authorities. The company will be able to save money by avoiding penalties and interest and will have an accurate and up to date statement that can be used for tax reporting purposes.

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