What Are the Features That Should Be Available in a Hybrid Event Platform?

Hybrid events are growing and there is an increasing demand for them as each and every event organizer wants to host them.  With this increasing popularity, hybrid event platform has also evolved in order to give a more streamlined experience. The evolution of modern technology has made it much more convenient for organizers to host successful events. Using a feature-rich event platform can be a great addition to making your in-person event into a virtual event. There is no doubt that hosting a hybrid event is much more complex than any other event type because event planners need to engage both the in-person and virtual audience. Hybrid platforms consist of many features that can enhance the experience, but in order to leverage them, you need to find the right and suitable one.

In this blog, we have gathered a list of features that are necessary to look for in a hybrid event platform that can enhance the hosting experience.

Mobile Event App

Event apps are the most convenient solution, they are being used by almost each and every event. It gives the attendees an easy and streamlined way to access a hybrid event. These can be customized with the help of a hybrid event service provider. So that you can engage the attendees by using the app and making it more streamlined to attend the event. There are more features to consider within the app such as live chats, polls, Q&As, etc. so that the attendee can feel like they are having a real-time interaction. Also, live-streaming services and social feed integration can enhance the experience. Attendees can communicate instantly and can express their opinion using these features.

Modern Tech Tools

When you are searching for a hybrid event platform, there are multiple tools and features that can be made available. But you need to look for a platform that is truly capable of organizing and hosting hybrid events. There are a number of technological factors that can disrupt the hosting experience for the event such as audiovisuals, broadcasting issues, networking issues, etc. These platforms can be designed differently from a virtual event platform and can be incorporated with multiple modern technologies. This is due to the fact that the event has scaled on a larger level and a flexible system and portal can help to manage the virtual attendees. So look for a platform that is easy to use.

Engagement Tools

Hybrid events are often difficult to manage and keep the audience engaged. This is due to the fact that now there are two different types of audiences to engage and entertain simultaneously. Because of this, it is important to have highly engaging tools that can give an enhanced experience to the attendees. Features that can help the participants to facilitate one-way communication fatigue can be valuable. For instance, during a conference, if you are using a dedicated hybrid conference platform with all the interactive elements can provide an enhanced experience. Tools that can help in providing interaction and communication to bridge the gap and plays an important role are polling, Q&AS, breakout sessions, live chats, emoticons, etc.


You need to look for a hybrid meeting platform that is fully customizable if you want to impress your audience. With maximum customization for your hybrid event, the platform should be able to highlight the brand in order to increase awareness. This is necessary to enhance the experience of the attendees by creating an impact on them. You should be able to customize the platform with your preferences like colors, themes, images, logos, etc. It will be a great idea and feature to look for in a hybrid event platform. Along with integrations with the event app and website.

Integrated Monitoring

Getting advanced reports and analytics are essential in order to understand the success of the event. A hybrid event platform capable of providing these analytics and reports can play an important role in measuring the ROI of your event. Important analytics that should be obtained are sponsor engagement, attendee participation, session attendance, session ratings, check-ins, feedback, etc. This data can also be used to make data-driven decisions to improve the attendee experience. Also, take the necessary steps to improve your future events. You don’t want to waste your time in collecting this information and insights, so you must look for a hybrid event platform with an integrated monitoring system. Which can provide detailed insights into vital event analytics.


There are multiple benefits of hosting a hybrid event, but they are as difficult to implement and manage. In-person and virtual events are easier to host and manage because there is a single and streamlined flow of work. And hybrid events are a mixture of both, so you need to engage the audience effectively and collect all the necessary data. Using a hybrid event platform can surely streamline your workflow, but there are multiple things to look for while searching for a suitable one. Leverage these other mentioned tips to look for the most suitable features that should be available in the platform.

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