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The impact of COVID is seen not only on the current workforce but also on the future generation i.e. students who will be entering the workforce soon. Despite the gloomy picture painted by the global pandemic, there are some students who are optimistic about their future.

According to the new research by the International Labor Organization (ILO), the pandemic’s severe impact on the youth has been deep, systematic, and disproportionate to say the least. ILO also stated that young women, younger adults, and youth in lower-income countries were worst affected.

While the world’s education companies are doing their best to ensure that the impact is somewhat reduced by educating leaders and innovating education, the struggle comes with countries where such developments are difficult.

Coronavirus, Lockdown, and Economic Slowdown!

The sudden lockdown restrictions, school shutdowns, and the economic downturn have had an impact on the lives of youth, their learning, and livelihoods of many.

As per the Global Survey on Youth & COVID-19 that had interviewed about 12,000 people aged between 18 and 29 from 112 countries it was found that about 73% of respondents were severely affected by lockdown closures of schools, universities, and training organizations. The report also stated that about one in eight thought that this was the end of their education and training.

Interesting thing is that despite the gloom and despair, there are students who are optimistic about the future.

Even though there have been ongoing initiatives to innovate education, around 65% of young people said that the crisis had made them learn less. Given the abrupt shift to online learning, it was expected that those nations with better internet access, simple access to computer equipment, professors with sophisticated digital abilities, and materials to support the online class would find it to be effective.

In underdeveloped nations, where amenities were scarce, it was challenging for pupils to adjust to the online learning environment. More over half of those polled, it appears, thought that the pandemic would delay their education; nonetheless, 9% of respondents feared that the crisis may result in their education failing.

Many of the top education organisations in the world are working hard to guarantee that students from underdeveloped nations are on par with the rest of the world. And this is accomplished through both reinventing education and training leaders in the field of education. These two actions will guarantee that education reaches every part of the globe. Academik America is one such group that is devoted to the cause.

A crucial component of Academik America‘s objective to guarantee that every qualified applicant can access high-quality education is its extensive network of partners. Ivy League programmes, PreK–12 education, and everything in between are all offered by Academik America. Additionally, it is able to spread the knowledge to an ever-growing audience thanks to its diverse network of relationships.

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