Switching Email Clients? Thunderbird to Outlook PST Migration

Introduction: Are you in search of a reliable solution to convert your Thunderbird emails to PST format? If so, you’re in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide valuable insights and step-by-step instructions for users looking to export their Thunderbird email data to PST format. Stay with us to discover the most effective methods for Thunderbird to PST conversion.

Thunderbird Mails and Outlook PST Files

  1. PST is the preferred file format for importing and exporting data in Microsoft Outlook. Therefore, if you’re a Mozilla Thunderbird user planning to transition to Outlook, it’s essential to perform a Thunderbird export to PST.
  2. Thunderbird and Outlook are two prominent email clients, but Outlook offers distinct advantages that make users want to export their Thunderbird files to PST. Outlook consolidates all data into a single database file (*.pst), reducing the risk of file corruption. Moreover, Outlook’s speed and accuracy surpass many other email services.

Unlike Thunderbird, which lacks server connectivity, Outlook allows syncing with Exchange servers, enabling offline work. Consequently, many users seek solutions to convert Thunderbird emails to PST, often seeking guidance on forums and platforms.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a versatile platform that offers services like email, RSS feeds, and instant chat. It’s an open-source email client that’s user-friendly and doesn’t require extensive technical support. So, how do users export Thunderbird emails to PST? Let’s find out!

Why is It Necessary to Convert Thunderbird to PST?

  • Query 1: Recently, I joined a new office where I couldn’t continue using the Thunderbird email client. I still need access to my old emails. I urgently require a tool to convert Thunderbird to PST without jeopardizing my original data. Please recommend the best solution; your help is greatly appreciated.
  • Query 2: Hi, I’ve been using Thunderbird for the past 3 years. I recently purchased a new computer with an Outlook subscription. Now, I’m looking for a way to convert Thunderbird email to PST so that I can transfer my email database to my new computer. Can anyone provide guidance on how to export Thunderbird mailbox to PST format? Please help!

Professional Solution: Softaken Thunderbird to PST Converter

To export Thunderbird emails to PST, one can use reliable software, whether with or without Outlook. Converting Thunderbird mailbox files to Outlook-compatible PST format is essential. Presently, the Softaken Thunderbird Migrator stands out as one of the best solutions for flawless Thunderbird to PST conversion.

Converting Thunderbird mail to PST can be challenging, especially for non-technical users. Therefore, Softaken emphasizes providing powerful yet user-friendly solutions. The SoftakenThunderbird to Outlook Converter Tool enables even non-technical users to convert Thunderbird email to PST effortlessly.

Full Guide: How to Convert Thunderbird Emails to PST

Using this application is straightforward, and anyone can convert MBOX to PST with ease. No Outlook installation is necessary. Follow these simple steps:

  • Download and install the Thunderbird to PST converter on your computer.
  • The software offers two methods to load your Thunderbird profile data. If you have a Thunderbird profile configured in your system and want to migrate its data to PST, select “Convert Configured Thunderbird Mailboxes data.”
  • Alternatively, you can add files manually by clicking on the ‘Select Folder’ or ‘Select Files’ options and browse your Thunderbird folders/files.
  • You can also choose the option to convert contacts and calendars from Thunderbird.
  • Now, select the Thunderbird items or mailbox folders you want to convert.
  • Choose PST as the target format from the ‘Select Saving Option’ drop-down list.
  • Specify the location path to save the converted PST files.
  • Click the ‘Convert’ button to start the Thunderbird to PST conversion process.
  • Once the conversion completes successfully, access the resultant PST files in the destination folder.

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Unique Features & Benefits of Exporting Thunderbird to PST

It’s not easy for non-technical users to export Thunderbird emails to PST without Outlook. To overcome this challenge, users should consider third-party software. The tool offers numerous benefits, such as:

  • Export All Thunderbird Mailbox Items: The Thunderbird to PST Export tool allows you to convert not only email text but also emails with attachments, calendars, and address books. It supports various formats, including Thunderbird to PDF, EML, MSG, and more.
  • Auto-Locate Configured Thunderbird Profiles: The software includes an advanced option that automatically locates your Thunderbird profile or mailbox, simplifying the process. You can select the ‘Convert Configured Thunderbird Mailboxes data’ option to auto-locate Thunderbird emails from the default location.
  • Preserve Thunderbird Email Folder Hierarchy: The software maintains the email folder structure of Thunderbird during the conversion, ensuring no changes to the folder hierarchy when exporting Thunderbird emails to PST.
  • No Thunderbird Connectivity Required: The software doesn’t need Thunderbird connectivity during the conversion process. It provides two manual selection options for Thunderbird mailbox files.
  • Separate Option for Exporting Contacts & Calendars: The program offers separate options for exporting contacts and calendars from Mozilla Thunderbird to PST. This feature is handy for sharing Thunderbird Address Book with other applications.
  • Windows & Mac Compatibility: The software is available for both Windows and Mac computers, supporting various Windows editions and Mac OS X versions.

Some Common Queries:

I have a Windows Server 2019 machine. Can I use this application?

Yes, the software supports all editions of Microsoft Windows Server computers, including Windows Server 2019.

Can I convert multiple profiles using this tool?
Yes, the software allows you to export emails from multiple profiles without any issues.

Does the software automatically locate Thunderbird mailboxes?
Yes, the software provides an option to automatically load your Thunderbird mailbox data without any issues.


This guide addresses the pressing question of how to export Thunderbird to PST easily, accurately, and efficiently. Thunderbird lacks built-in features for exporting data to the PST format, making it necessary for users to employ third-party software to convert Thunderbird emails to PST files. You can download this utility for free and perform unlimited migrations. For further information, reach out to us via live chat or email; we’re here to assist you.

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