The Main Culprits Behind Clogs

Every home is a little different, but when it comes to the problems behind plumbing clogs, they all have some things in common. Preventing clogs is much easier when you know what causes them, according to USA Pipe Repair. You are much more likely to find yourself dealing with a clogged drain if you have these things going down your drains. You may need drain cleaning in Richmond, VA right away.

You need to be aware of the main causes responsible for clogs in your plumbing.

Buildup of Hair

Hair is a very common cause of a clogged drain. Hair can get tangled inside your drain and start accumulating other materials. Before long, the drain becomes clogged, and you are in need of drain cleaning services.  You can limit this risk by using strainers in your drains. Stay away from basins when drying and curling hair. This will not eliminate all the hair that goes down your drain, but it will help you go longer between clogs.

Kitchen Grease

Like hair in the bathroom, grease in the kitchen is part of normal use of your home. You can’t avoid getting some of it down the drain. Washing dishes by hand or in the dishwasher will always allow some grease into your drain lines. There it will cool and become solid again. These globs of grease combine with hair and other things on this list to form a troublesome clog.

Solid Soap

Soap in general is a common problem in drains, but bar soap is worse. It is thicker and more likely to accumulate than liquid soaps. It can also go down the drain whole as more of the bar gets used up and it becomes a small, slippery sliver. The more solid soap you use at sinks and in showers, the more likely you will need drain cleaning.

Corrosion of Cast Iron Pipes

For decades, cast iron pipes were the standard for wastewater lines. Today they’ve been almost entirely replaced by PVC and other materials. But old cast iron pipes are still in place in many homes. They can corrode and flake apart, weakening their structure. This can allow tree roots to push inside them. They can also collapse under the weight of the soil that covers them, blocking the flow of wastewater out of your home.

“Gifts” from the Kids

Young children are famous for experimenting. Sinks and toilets fascinate kids. They may put almost anything you can imagine in them just to get the fun of watching them disappear down the drain. Toys, silverware, remote controls, clothing, and anything else is likely to go down your drains. They create the framework of a blockage of hair and grease. Soon you’ll be doing a search for a “plumber near me” to clear everything away and get things back to normal.

Non-Flushable Paper

Toilet paper is designed to dissolve in your wastewater lines so that they do not create an obstruction. However, a plumber in Richmond VA often finds that many other types of paper often end up in commodes. Baby wipes, paper towels, and napkins may seem very little different from toilet paper. But these products have the potential to create a clog if you flush them down the toilet.

Food Scraps

Whether your home has a garbage disposal or not, food often goes into your wastewater pipes. Small bits are usually not a problem, but improper use of a disposal can allow larger pieces to pass into the pipes. It is also very common for food to go down the drain from a kitchen sink or dishwasher. Bones, fruit peels, and other harder food items can cause the most problems. But any type of food can leave you in need of a drain cleaning company if enough of it goes down the drain.

Clear Those Clogs with One Call

Whatever the cause behind your clogs, the team at USA Pipe Repair can help. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry. Our skills and experience will help locate and diagnose your clog. Then we clear it away with specialized techniques like hydro jetting. Don’t let your clog stick around.

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